Forth (Ampleforth Governance Token) Price Prediction 2021, 2030

What is Forth Token?

Forth is Ampleforth Governance token that aim bring full decentralization of protocol by working with AMPL. Forth is second official token of ampleforth ecosystem, as this token will be important for deciding future of protocol. as every forth holder will now participating voting for future development and other decisions.

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Ampleforth blockchain project that building Defi services, as it is nominated set of smart contracts for DeFi services. Forth will be completing the ampleforth ecosystem by giving full control to community. now, forth holder will become half part of ecosystem that gives 50-50 control to the AMPL+Forth holders. As of writing over $5 billion worth on-chain volume locked on different exchange including Uniswap, sushiswap and other DEX.

Ampl first token of ampleforth ecosystem, as every AMPL holder can claim Forth token by connecting their wallet on official platform. as per official portal currently 75,743 AMPL token holder now eligible to claim token, as snapshot was token 30th march 2021 to record user who interacted with ample on-chain.

Forth Token Price Prediction

Month & YearFORTH Price Prediction
August 2021$25.83
September 2021$47.95
October 2021$54.13
November 2021$58.16
December 2021$66.51
January 2022$89.40
February 2022$96.36
March 2022$146.94
April 2022$173.23
May 2022$202.62
June 2022$188.70
July 2022$235.10
August 2022$252.11
September 2022$281.50
October 2022$224.27
November 2022$267.58
December 2022$317.07
March 2023$283.05
June 2023$301.61
September 2023$340.27
January 2025$697.56
March 2025$637.24
May 2025$683.64
July 2025$604.76
September 2025$700.65
October 2025$723.85
Decemeber 2025$760.97
January 2030$1,348.72
March 2030$1,429.15
May 2030$1,552.88
July 2030$1,611.66
September 2030$1,487.92
December 2030$1,662.70

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Ampleforth Overview

Project nameAmpleforth Governance token
Ticker SymbolForth
Total SupplyNA
Based onDeFi Services
Launched year2019
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformUniswap, Coinbase Pro, Bilaxy, Huobi Global
WalletMetamask, Trust wallet

Forth Token Price Analysis

Coinbase announces to listing of Forth token, as token starts trading at $54.44 USD in price, as it later dropped to $21.85 USD. Ampleforth Governance token yet to be fully claimed by user, as of writing it is trading at $47 USD average price with reported $300 million dollar volume. Forth Token also listed on Huobi Global, Bilaxy and Uniswap platform and just like Ample Token it could be listed on Binance, Kucoin and other top trading platform. further listing will help to create bullish sentiment in the price probably in after 1 to 2 months.

Froth Token Price Prediction


Ampleforth is Ethereum based Defi protocol that empower decentralized economy by being base money. However, Ampleforth used for smart commodity money with form of collateral to used in centralized or decentralized banking system. we know AMPL is one of the most popular traded token which is currently under top 100 top crypto project.

Forth Token Rating