MEME Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2050

What is MEME?

We have DeFi and in other side DeGen i.e. Defi Degeneration created Consensys developer Jordan Lyall with title MEME. The platform claims to launch DeFi project on the degenerator platform. provided platform allow user to choose governance contract, rebase contract and then choose brand in that you can choose any character where it is fruit or ice-cream. User can set premine coins and after pressing deploy button your Degen coin will created. In the posted mock-up project offers user to crate DeFi in less than 5 minute of time.

This Is just MEME project and after posted people started talking about this project but Ivan on tech suggested takes this project as a joke. However, many DeFi follower and developer started making fun on this project and some of them suggested to not to buy MEME coin or otherwise you will lose some serious money. However, as per official website that title this project with Don’t buy $MEME and also makes announcement of project is coming soon.

So, project begin with simple tweet and now it complete contract deployment, airdrop and liquidity also locked and it already listed on CMC and Coingecko.

MEME Price Prediction

Month & YearMEME Price Prediction
November 2020$817.58
December 2020$952.59
January 2021$885.08
February 2021$937.59
March 2021$1,087.60
April 2021$1,155.11
May 2021$990.09
June 2021$1,252.62
July 2021$1,297.62
August 2021$1,402.63
September 2021$1,170.11
October 2021$1,417.63
November 2021$1,657.66
December 2021$1,740.17
January 2022$1,597.65
February 2022$2,002.69
March 2022$2,197.71
April 2022$2,505.24
May 2022$2,722.76
June 2022$2,527.74
July 2022$2,887.77
August 2022$2,767.76
September 2022$1,740.17
October 2022$1,792.67
November 2022$1,920.18
December 2022$2,062.70
January 2025$2,085.20
March 2025$2,152.70
May 2025$5,918.06
July 2025$5,835.55
October 2025$6,173.09
Decemeber 2025$7,073.17
January 2030$6,555.62
March 2030$9,930.94
May 2030$10,591.01
July 2030$10,268.47
October 2030$10,486.00
December 2030$11,341.08

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MEME Overview

Project nameMeme
Ticker SymbolMEME
Total Supply28,000
Based onDeFi Degenerator
Launched year2020
All-time highUSD
Exchange PlatformUniswap v2, 1inch Exchange
WalletLedger, MyEtherWallet, Metamask
MEME Price Prediction

MEME Price Analysis

As per report MEME started gaining $1+ million worth daily trading volume. this report is really shocking because people started taking this project seriously. MEME was deployed and airdropped to participate and as per the report each of them got 355 $MEME as considering current worth i.e. $77 USD. in last 7 days it already hit $88 USD all time high price and even after seeing response it may can hit $100 USD.


Is MEME a Good Investment?

No, don’t take it seriously wait for update.


DeFi is trending everywhere and in that launching this type of project is really fun to watch and seeing response from user clearly hinting how much investor looking into DeFi project. In 2020, DeFi project gaining huge response and in that every unique concept started gaining huge market volume. Project itself suggested not to invest in, so our suggestion will be the same. Now, lets see what will they bring in the network and may be developer and community member take it seriously. However, this project is created on open source code of YFFI, compound and other Defi Project and all of them are successful.

MEME Rating