YAM Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is YAM Finance?

YAM Finance is new yield farming experimental protocol in Elasticity, Governance and Fair Farming. The YAM follows similar structure like Ampleforth i.e. flexible supply that expand or decrease according to market demand. Elastic Supply that seek eventual price stability. YAM follow YFI method of distribution that means no perming, no founder and team shares and no VC interest.

YAM project employed a fork version of Compound governance model. Initially, YAM token while launching was traded at Zero value, as value of token will be depended on YAM holder i.e. work as governance token. YAM holder can enter into YAM ecosystem that determine future development that happen entirely on-chain. Yam protocol is given time-locked governance contract and that controlled by YAM holders. The full on-chain governance that enable decentralized control and growth that start from day 1 of project launch.

YAM currently available on Uniswap v2 where it is distributed across eight staking that include compound, chainlink, maker synthetix token, Yearn finance, Ampleforth and WETH. YAM introduce unique and equal strategy in staking and distribution to attract board and vision aligned community.

YAM Price Prediction

Month & YearYAM Price Prediction
November 2020$0.2539
December 2020$0.2958
January 2021$0.2749
February 2021$0.2912
March 2021$0.3377
April 2021$0.3587
May 2021$0.3075
June 2021$0.3890
July 2021$0.4030
August 2021$0.4356
September 2021$0.3634
October 2021$0.4402
November 2021$0.5148
December 2021$0.5404
January 2022$0.4961
February 2022$0.6219
March 2022$0.6825
April 2022$0.7780
May 2022$0.8455
June 2022$0.7850
July 2022$0.8968
August 2022$0.8595
September 2022$0.5404
October 2022$0.5567
November 2022$0.5963
December 2022$0.6405
January 2025$0.6475
March 2025$0.6685
May 2025$1.8378
July 2025$1.8122
October 2025$1.9170
Decemeber 2025$2.1965
January 2030$2.0358
March 2030$3.0839
May 2030$3.2889
July 2030$3.1887
October 2030$3.2563
December 2030$3.5218

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YAM Overview

Project nameYAM Finance
Ticker SymbolYAM
Total Supply5,000,000 YAM
Official websiteYam.finance
Based onDeFi
Launched year2020
All-time high$133.5 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, Uniswap,
YAM Finance Price Prediction

YAM Finance Price Analysis

YAM finance listed on 12th August 2020 on both CMC and coingeko, as per report YAM was very close to hit $150 USD mark after Binance listing. YAM was trading $32.01 USD lowest and comparing with initial price i.e. almost 2x surged in price. it supports multiple DeFi on the platform to earn YAM Token that minimize risk and also gives full governance control over community. As per Coinmarketcap YAM Finance reaches to $133.5 USD. on uniswap v2 1.5 million YAM token was distributed from total 3 million of distribution.


How much YAM Worth in 2030?

Probably trading $800 USD

Where YAM Token Can Store?

Metamask Wallet

is YAM a Good Investment?

Long term only.


YAM value entirely depended on community that takes full control on ecosystem. YAM is another DeFi Project that emerging in the era of DeFi on the blockchain. YAM still consider as risky but after listing on uniswap and Binance, it started gaining market cap volume. it based on Compound, Year Finance and Ampleforth project as all this project already in the top space by market cap volume.

YAM Rating