JUST Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030 Forecast

What is JUST?

Tron launches their newest official project based on Decentralized Finance Platform i.e. JUST announced by Tron founder Justin Sun. Title of project JUST may comes from name JUSTin Sun claimed to be one of the popular personalities in crypto industry. JUST with tagline of everyone’s stablecoin wanted to provider next generation infrastructure for building finance-based application all over the globe. JUST ecosystem will be backed by USDJ i.e. asset reserve for maintaining price Stability.

JUST aiming to be user friendly, borderless, secure, Fair and Prosperous ecosystem in Finance Ecosystem. So, Staking TRX will be rewards by USDJ stablecoin. JUST uses JST as native token where JST Token holder will be part of Governance ecosystem that means they will be getting access of USDJ ecosystem and part of development team. The network is supported by smart contract that enable payment with stablecoin anywhere around the world. USDJ transfer on the network charges zero transaction fees and has higher throughput.

USDJ is generated from decentralized smart contract of Tron Blockchain and it is pegged through collateralized Debt Positions and it has autonomous feedback mechanism. Basically, JUST set multiple parameters for Risk-control of USDJ coin. So, basically it has similar works as MakerDAO. The main purpose of JUST is to back USDJ stablecoin by maintaining its value.

JUST Price Prediction

Month & YearJST Price Prediction
November 2020$0.0266
December 2020$0.0309
January 2021$0.0288
February 2021$0.0305
March 2021$0.0353
April 2021$0.0375
May 2021$0.0322
June 2021$0.0407
July 2021$0.0422
August 2021$0.0456
September 2021$0.0380
October 2021$0.0461
November 2021$0.0539
December 2021$0.0565
January 2022$0.0519
February 2022$0.0651
March 2022$0.0714
April 2022$0.0814
May 2022$0.0885
June 2022$0.0821
July 2022$0.0938
August 2022$0.0899
September 2022$0.0565
October 2022$0.0582
November 2022$0.0624
December 2022$0.0670
January 2025$0.0677
March 2025$0.0699
May 2025$0.1923
July 2025$0.1896
October 2025$0.2005
Decemeber 2025$0.2298
January 2030$0.2130
March 2030$0.3226
May 2030$0.3441
July 2030$0.3336
October 2030$0.3407
December 2030$0.3684

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JUST Overview

Project nameJUST
Ticker SymbolJST
Total Supply9,900,000,000
Official websiteJust.network
Based onDeFI Tron Blockchain
Launched year2020
All-time high$0.062 USD
Exchange PlatformUpbit, MXC, Poloniex, Kucoin, Coinone, Hoo, PoloniDEX, Hotbit, BiKi, Bitribe, Probit Exchange.
WalletTron Wallet

JST ICO Overview

Platform usedTRX-20
Raised by$4,070,000 USD
Date of ICO5 may 2020
ICO Price$0.0020 USD
PartnersTron, BitTorrent
JUST Price Prediction

JUST Price Analysis

JUST Cryptocurrency was registered on CoinMarketCap this year during mid of May with initial offering price of $0.008386 USD. JST had very good 24 hr. volume during its initial few days(till 15th June) and later there were not much volume seen. But from Last week there are some spikes visible for volumes graph and JUST started showing its bullish nature 1st time after its ICO. Now, value of 1 JST is fluctuating in the range between $0.05 USD and $0.06 USD.

JUST has a very good ROI of 2,817%, just after 3 months of launched. Out of total supply 9.9 Billion JST only 1.4 Billion JST are currently circulating in the market. Soon we will see this JUST coin ranking in the TOP 50 Cryptocurrencies as per market capitalization while it is currently ranking just above 100th position.


Will JUST hit $1?

Yes, Probably after 2023.

How much JST will be worth in 5 years?

It must be trading at $1.5 USD

How Much JUST Worth in 2030?

Probably reaching $2.92 USD.

Is JUST a Good Investment?

Yes, as of writing long term and short term both will profitable.


JUST is 4th official Blockchain project on Tron Blockchain and it is almost reaching top 100 largest crypto list. JUST is another Decentralized Finance following buzz of current Blockchain finance market. Since beginning 2019, more than 50 DeFi Project already launched, as being competitor of Ethereum, Tron is finally making entry in DeFi with JUST. JUST looks ambitious project by keeping things simple and may be another of the most efficient and secure project.

JUST Rating