Tierion (TNT) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030 Forecast

What is Tierion?

This platform allows for verification of data at bulk. Tierion basically provide guard to digital data including different industries which operated online, i.e. Healthcare, insurance, Financial services and other large volume data to gets in trouble when it leaks. In recent world every days thousands of data was get stolen by hackers and made available for selling on different illegal platform.

Tieron was launched in 2015 with the team of experience software developer and to launched Blockchain they hired some Blockchain developer in the team.

In 2016 Tierion was in the most used platform for anchoring data to blockchain and also trading in the top 100 list. They also innovate by creating proof that unlimited data to blockchain transaction. The Idea of creating this ecosystem, when tons of data sent to internet, but user can’t able to see when that was created or uploaded or change by administration. After the data sent to internet there are possibility to be changed by hacker instead of Administrator, so to avoid this kind of threat it is better to test first with form of scan then sent it Receiver will be one of most secure method to access data.

Tierion Price Prediction

Month & YearTNT Price Prediction
November 2020$0.0036
December 2020$0.0042
January 2021$0.0039
February 2021$0.0042
March 2021$0.0048
April 2021$0.0051
May 2021$0.0044
June 2021$0.0056
July 2021$0.0058
August 2021$0.0063
September 2021$0.0052
October 2021$0.0063
November 2021$0.0074
December 2021$0.0078
January 2022$0.0071
February 2022$0.0089
March 2022$0.0098
April 2022$0.0112
May 2022$0.0121
June 2022$0.0113
July 2022$0.0129
August 2022$0.0123
September 2022$0.0078
October 2022$0.0080
November 2022$0.0086
December 2022$0.0092
January 2025$0.0093
March 2025$0.0096
May 2025$0.0264
July 2025$0.0260
October 2025$0.0275
Decemeber 2025$0.0315
January 2030$0.0292
March 2030$0.0443
May 2030$0.0472
July 2030$0.0458
October 2030$0.0467
December 2030$0.0506

HBTC Price Prediction

Tierion Overview

Project nameTierion
Ticker symbolTNT Coin
Based onERC-20 Ethereum Blockchain
Total Supply1,000,000,000 TNT
Official websiteTierion.com
All-time high$0.445170 USD
Established in2015
Ranking by market cap#132
Trading PlatformBinance, HitBTC, ExtStock, Huobi Global, CoinDCX, Bilaxy, Gate.io, Fatbtc, Folgory, IDEX.
WalletMyEtherWallet, Lumi Wallet

TNT ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$25,000,000 USD
Date of ICO8 August 2017
ICO Price$0.071 USD
PartnersMicrosoft , Liaision, Accredible,

Tierion showcase massive hike of 92% in just 5 days. The chainpoint launches for developers is openly available in Microsoft Login App and Microsoft flow. In the reason to this news, CEO Wayne Vaughan reveal they already working with Microsoft since last few decade. This Chainpoint bringing big fishes like Salesforce, office 365, Twitter, Dropbox and Google Service, as main motto behind this, now developers can anchor data to Bitcoin and create timestamp proof.

Even if having excellent feedback form user Tierion not able to hold position in top 100 list, later it dropped below 150th position and now days this crypto was fluctuating in ranking.

Tierion Price Prediction

In 2020 as of writing article today, Tierion reaches to $0.104 by witnessing 100+% growth in less than 1 month. The last time Tierion was trading $0.10 was in may 2018, so it takes more than two year to repeat this milestone. The last two-year best price was $0.084 USD which was happened in October 2019. Considering Tierion since October 2019 the fluctuation rate quite impressive as comparing to other top altcoins. Tieron showed 100+% price hiked for almost 3 times. The beginning of 2020 not bring that much momentum in the run of Tierion, but now in may 2020 after Bitcoin Halving, Tieron is 3rd most searched crypto on google trends.

Chainpoint is one of the most advanced and useful projects launched by any blockchain network. Most of importantly it added accuracy by collection data from network time protocol servers and NIST. As we know most of data in crypto world in save in hash or block, so if any hash is submitted ecosystem activate Timestamped proof instantly to scan data.

What Tierion Offers

  • Anchor data to Blockchain.
  • Improve the auditability of Genetic Data.
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of Trust in Data.
  • Improve Compliance in Token Sale.
  • Anchor Document to the Bitcoin Blockchain.
  • Track Supply Chain Provenance.
  • Secure Accounting & enterprise Data.

Chainpoint is having all above feature which are developed by Team of Tierion and also by joining hands with different firm.


Can Tierion Reach $1 USD?

yes, probably after 2025.

How Much TNT worth in 2030?

Probably crossing $3.2 USD

is Tierion a Good Investment?



Along with Microsoft they also joined hands with Electronic based company Phillips, as they are backed by different investor including Blockchain capital, Digital Currency Group and Fenbushi. In the collaboration of cryptocurrency, they working with Jungla, Hyperledger, Linux Foundation, TokenSoft, SignRequest, EVRYTHNG and XERO. The purpose of joining hands with them is to improve different aspect in network.

Tierion Rating

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