HedgeTrade (HEDG) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is HedgeTrade?

In the world of investment forecast and market prediction do matter, as crypto market is full of ups and down. HedgeTrade is highly trusted community-based social trading platform that claimed prediction that you can trust. HedgeTrade is future of trading for newbie and expert trader, as expert share their prediction or forecast to guide new users. as we know expert opinion always matter in every investing platform, so providing rewards for user will be more beneficial for both.

Platform needed simple signup with basic details of user and then they can access different trading prediction. Anyone can provide prediction, where platform track record and reputation of user followed by basic algorithm. However, trader can earn rewards for providing correct prediction for user and if they fail in their prediction then trades lose their token. buyer will get protection for their token because every blueprint will be saved on Ethereum blockchain. however, blueprint will be play important role as its purchase, success ratio, viewership will matter in order to check trader’s reputation. To secure blueprint network uses smart contract.

HedgeTrade dashboard is more advanced or multipurpose because it provides latest news, information, live token price including bitcoin and other top coin. It also provides open market to purchase HEDG token or Bitcoin.

HedgeTrade Price Prediction

Month & YearHEDG Price Prediction
November 2020$0.9530
December 2020$1.4044
January 2021$1.7868
February 2021$2.0940
March 2021$2.1630
April 2021$2.3950
May 2021$2.2257
June 2021$2.5831
July 2021$2.6771
August 2021$2.5015
September 2021$2.8589
October 2021$3.0595
November 2021$3.2664
December 2021$3.0846
January 2022$3.3730
February 2022$3.4859
March 2022$3.2100
April 2022$3.6928
May 2022$3.8558
June 2022$3.9874
July 2022$3.7555
August 2022$3.9749
September 2022$4.1818
October 2022$4.3197
November 2022$4.6645
December 2022$4.3573
January 2025$4.6018
March 2025$4.8902
May 2025$5.0909
July 2025$7.4545
October 2025$7.3855
Decemeber 2025$7.6677
January 2030$8.4200
March 2030$12.3761
May 2030$12.6143
July 2030$12.3447
October 2030$12.5265
December 2030$13.2413

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HedgeTrade Overview

Project nameHedgeTrade
Ticker SymbolHEDG
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Official websiteHedgetrade.com
Based onPrediction
Launched year2018
All-time high$3.04 USD
Exchange PlatformVCC Exchange, Bittrex, HitBTC, STEX, Probit Exchange, Livecoin, CoinTiger, Uniswap, Bancor Network, Indodax, Fatbtc.
WalletOwn Wallet, Metamask, Ledger

HEDG ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised byNA
Date of ICO2018
ICO Price$0.02 USD
PartnersTron, STP Network, Zilliqa, Bittrex Global Partner, NEM,
HedgeTrade Price Prediction

HEDG Price Analysis

HEDG is highly used token on their own platform, as multiple traders to need to purchase HEDG token to enter in trading prediction blueprint. At same time rewards also distributed with HEDG token, as platform continue seeing huge number of new traders ultimately helping to collect market cap volume. HEDG jumping from top 200 list to under top 40 blockchain project, it is obvious HedgeTrade already gained huge popularity in crypto community. HEDG was listed in beginning of 2019 with average price $0.14 and comparing with current price it is already up by almost 600+%. In January 2020 it already touches to $3.04 i.e. all-time high price of run HedgeTrade project.

since july 2019 after becoming fastest new blockchain project to reach $200 million USD market volume, it continue to show dominance. however, HEDG token is simply creating bridge between new and experience trader that ultimately benefiting both. as experience will share their knowledge and get paid for providing correct information. Platform already following protocol, as non experience people will not able to provide prediction.


is HedgeTrade Safe or Legit Platform

yes 100% safe especially for newbie trader.

Will HEDG Reach $5 USD?

yes probably after 1 to 2 year.

is HEDG a Good Investment?

if you having enough knowledge about cryptocurrency and its market then HEDG staking with prediction market will be great option.


Every newbie investor need expert for providing information about market and how it works, but understanding market and prediction is always risky. However, HedgeTrade bringing unique concept that every investing market must include. HedgeTrade almost providing everything for new trader start from safety, prediction, information, news and live price, as all this factor enough before anyone invest. As they already quote HedgeTrade is future of trading, which may be true. The platform already shown huge growth in recent year and in future with prediction integration they will be ruling crypto social trading platform.

HedgeTrade Rating