XZC Coin Price Prediction 2020 | Zcoin Future Forecast

XZC Coin

XZC coin reaches to $7.4 USD with over 30% per day growth and as after showing consistent growth in raking, Zcoin dominating January 2020 chart and matching speed of top coins in terms of market cap value, as we know 2020 so far turning out to be pretty average year because last year most of top coins continuously losing huge number of investor which high percentage which was also responsible for continuous price drop of almost every cryptocurrency and following this most of cryptocurrency was shut down and they are mostly new in market, as Zcoin was launched in 2016 with sigma protocol based blockchain network which enabled higher privacy with open source network cryptocurrency and beating this continuous threat between their path was tackled by Zcoin and now slowly rising at ranking with ROI more than 2000% this XZC Coin will be having strong year ahead.

XZC Coin Price Prediction

XZC Coin Price Prediction

XZC Coin Price Prediction 2020

From November 2019 to 12th  January 2020 XZC coin was trading at average price of $2.80 USD but this type other top coin was already shown growth rate over average 60%, but with slow start Zcoin price from 13th January 2020 to 31st January 2020 was changed from $3.20 USD to $8.80 USD with approx 200% growth rate, which means daily average 18% growth in price which is still better report than coins whos ranking below 50 in highest market cap value, so XZC with this price prediction will take huge jump in ranking and may come closer to coin whose ranking is under 50, so considering this coin as investment will not be that great but this coin will not disappoint you for decent return on investment and as there is more than 60% maximum supply is still available for trading, so there is no worry to price stuck at same range and fluctuation will continue for least more than 1 to 2 year.

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
March 2020$14 USD
April 2020$20 USD
May 2020$16.6 USD
June 2020$22 USD
July 2020$26 USD
August 2020$24 USD
September 2020$31 USD
October 2020$43 USD
November 2020$36 USD
December 2020$46 USD

Note: Above prices are just prediction set by a complete performance of the year 2018 to 2019.

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XZC Coin Price Prediction

When Zcoin was launched that time it was trading at price $0.63 USD and after that, it rises to $5.86 USD but within one month it started losing momentum and because of this investor was not taking that much interest in this coin, but in cryptocurrency market, there is always one take over moment and this event was happen in march 2017 form that moment XZC Coin price started hiking with skyrocket speed by crossing $10 USD mark with highest price of 1st Quarter of 2017 i.e. $18 USD and this type of growth was enough to get million of investor, so maintaining sudden momentum founder started getting bigger companies and making partnership which result XZC coin was reached to all time highest price by trading at price $158 USD with almost 1500% growth rate which was not that high but still it was matching most of top coin perfromance or growth rate, so we can easily say this coin has that momentum then now and forever but still most of the top prediction websites such as walletinvestor and another portal who totally disagreed with Zcoin future success is not that effective.

As Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin making a good comeback in 2020 and response to them Zcoin need to have a better partnership or they should find big investor such as pumping event need to happen more than once in one month then XZC can give tough competition by getting a decent investor on daily basis.

Zcoin Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameZcoin
Ticker SymbolXZC
PlatformBlockchain With Sigma Protocol
Date of Established8th October 2016
Official websiteZcoin.io
Maximum Supply21,400,000 XZC


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