PAX Gold (PAXG) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is PAX Gold?

Paxos trust company launched digitalized asset version of physical gold of best quality i.e. PAX Gold. The Digital Gold platform where there will be no custody will be charges and no limit on holding asset with instant settlement. The project believes to solve traditional fundamental contradiction of gold market, so digital gold can be easily trade, divide, leverage and move their owning at instantly.

PAX Gold gives access for crypto assets and provide flexibility in owning gold, as considering world transforming into digitalized world. PAX Gold is trusted and custody by New York Stake department of financial service. The PAXG is full backed allocated gold that held in United Kingdom based Vault. The transferring PAXG is cheaper, highly secure and 24*7 instant transferable uses Ethereum Blockchain for operation.

PAXG is first ever regulated Gold Token held in custody on the behalf of Paxos Trust company. However, Token is Redeemable at anytime for LBMA-accredited Good Delivery gold Bullion bars. However, it also supports small amount gold redeemed from gold retailer around the globe. the only restriction on platform is user need to buy at least $15 USD worth PAX Gold Token.

PAX Gold Price Prediction

Month & YearPAXG Price Prediction
November 2020$2,055.65
December 2020$2,395.11
January 2021$2,225.38
February 2021$2,357.39
March 2021$2,734.57
April 2021$2,904.31
May 2021$2,489.41
June 2021$3,149.47
July 2021$3,262.63
August 2021$3,526.66
September 2021$2,942.02
October 2021$3,564.38
November 2021$4,167.87
December 2021$4,375.32
January 2022$4,016.99
February 2022$5,035.39
March 2022$5,525.73
April 2022$6,298.95
May 2022$6,845.86
June 2022$6,355.53
July 2022$7,260.77
August 2022$6,959.02
September 2022$4,375.32
October 2022$4,507.33
November 2022$4,827.94
December 2022$5,186.26
January 2025$5,242.84
March 2025$5,412.57
May 2025$14,879.85
July 2025$14,672.40
October 2025$15,521.06
Decemeber 2025$17,784.16
January 2030$16,482.88
March 2030$24,969.49
May 2030$26,629.09
July 2030$25,818.15
October 2030$26,365.06
December 2030$28,515.01

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PAX Gold Overview

Project namePAX Gold
Ticker SymbolPAXG
Total Supply27,897 PAXG
Based onDigitized GOLD
Launched year2019
All-time high$3,487.68 USD
Exchange PlatformKraken, FTX, Bithumb, Probit Exchange, HitBTC, Triv Pro, Virtuse Exchange, Uniswap V2.
WalletGuarda Wallet, imToken, Trust Wallet
PartnerSwissborg, Nexo, Mercado Bitcoin, SALT, Galaxy Digital, Brinks, Genesis, itBit, StoneX.
PAX Gold Price Prediction

PAX Gold Price Analysis

Soon Pax Gold will complete its 1st year coming October 2020 in cryptocurrency world. Unlike other altcoins PAXG has very high value starting from its ICO days. Value of 1 Pax Gold was around $1500 USD from day 1. Although there is a slow growth in price of PAXG, but it is steady. Investors of PAXG should be happy to have positive ROI of around 35% which is way higher than normal stock market returns or saving bank interest per annum. Looking at past performance and current trends in crypto market, it looks like Pax Gold will continue to grow slow but steady.


Will PAXG hit $5000 USD?

Yes Possible, expected after 2 to 3 years.

How much PAXG will be worth in 5 years?

Probably worth $6k USD

How Much PAXG Worth in 2030?

Probably worth $10k USD

Is PAX Gold a Good Investment?

Yes, it similar like you holding GOLD.


Paxos was founded in 2012, who aim to change infrastructure Finance by developing innovative product and technology. Paxos was launched itBit Exchange in Singapore for asset movement. In 2015, Paxos become trust partner with NYSDF to launch crypto based Services. So, Pax Gold will be handled by Paxos company that already stacked with innovative technology and also expecting more changes in Gold holdings. PAX Gold already solved many existing problem of Gold Finance.

PAX Gold Rating