Vestchain (VEST) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025 2030

What is Vestchain?

Vestchain is decentralized & transparent open Blockchain network that building private & public blockchain solution with security, scalability and flexibility. The original aim is to create next generation blockchain that insure millions of transactions per seconds. Vestchain offer bilevel Blockchain, mining based on marketing, sharding, inter-segmental proration, data decentred contracts and horizontal expandability. The vestchain wanted to provide unique infrastructure that will be help in creating new blockchain project with making sure of entry in the market.

Vestchain network having capabilities to operate cross-chain operation, where smart contract can be activated with the non-inherent tokens. However, ecosystem uses POS instrument that aim to improve general efficiency, storage capacities. Basically, vestchain help to get chain for every Dapps, improve functions of the smart contracts and expandability on the chain.

Vestchain Network providing developmental advantages including allocation of AI and Big Data transference, transaction with digital assets, gaming, notary system, monitoring and liaison system. VEST is said to be original token of ecosystem that secured cryptographically, the token created on Ethereum Blockchain and meets the ERC20 standard. The purpose of Vest Token is to provide transparency and security to the network users.

Vestchain Price Prediction

Month & YearVEST Price Prediction
September 2020$0.0428
October 2020$0.0499
November 2020$0.0463
December 2020$0.0491
January 2021$0.0569
February 2021$0.0605
March 2021$0.0518
April 2021$0.0656
May 2021$0.0679
June 2021$0.0734
July 2021$0.0612
August 2021$0.0742
September 2021$0.0868
October 2021$0.0911
November 2021$0.0836
December 2021$0.1048
January 2022$0.1150
February 2022$0.1311
March 2022$0.1425
April 2022$0.1323
May 2022$0.1512
June 2022$0.1449
July 2022$0.0911
August 2022$0.0938
September 2022$0.1005
October 2022$0.1080
November 2022$0.1091
December 2022$0.1127
January 2025$0.3098
April 2025$0.3054
July 2025$0.3231
October 2025$0.3702
Decemeber 2025$0.3431
January 2030$0.5198
April 2030$0.5544
July 2030$0.5375
October 2030$0.5489
December 2030$0.5936

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Vestchain Overview

Project nameVestchain
Ticker SymbolVEST
Total Supply8,848,000,000 VEST
Based onDecentralized Blockchain
Launched year2018
All-time high$0.085268 USD
Exchange PlatformYobit, BTC-Alpha, STEX
WalletMyEtherWallet, Metamask

Vest Token ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised byNA
Date of ICONA

Vestchain Price Analysis

Vestchain since 15th April 2020 with bullish run surged from $0.0016 USD to $0.055 USD i.e. best all-time figure as of writing. In less than 3-months prices rise by 3337%. This rapid growth helping to gain huge market cap volume which helping to get ranking boost too. Vestchain is about to enter top 200 largest crypto list. so, somehow it manages to continue bullish run for rest of the year then vestchain could reach $0.1 USD mark in 2020, but practically that will not happen.

Vestchain Price Prediction


Can Vestchain Reach $0.10 USD?

Yes, expected somewhere in 2021

How Much Vest Worth in 2030?

Probably crossing $4 USD mark.

Is Vestchain a Good Investment?

Not sure.


Vestchain having pretty decent roadmap, where they planning to launch API Services and also doing some network upgradation stuff. The Vestchain users currently using Ethereum supported wallet, however as per roadmap Vestchain expected to launch their own wallet in future. The Network meant to function as an operating system with user friendly experience, in which include creation of smart contact and development of Dapps. Right now there are many blockchain project that focusing on building Dapps are available, so vestchain need to be different and has to add new feature maintaining easy integration.

VestChain Rating