OKB Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030 Future Forecast

OKB Price Prediction

OKB enter into the market in May 2019 with trading price $1.60 USD with under entity cryptocurrency token with is founded by OK Foundation with the help of Ethereum Blockchain network, as after Binance who was trading company later they launched Binance Coin to get advantage turning their registered user into their own coin, so with similar fashion Okes which one of a popular trading platform under the same founder has OKB Token which is available in their portal, as due to this OKB started gaining popularity in very less time and even before completing one year of its launch this cryptocurrency already reaches to 29th position in sorted by market cap value by beating most highly demanded coins such as Ontology, BAT and Dogecoin as this coin was one of key cryptocurrency of 2018 but they was not able to Hold their position and OKB able to capture their position in the market.

OKB Price Prediction

OKB Price Prediction 2020

2020 was great so far for OKB because in this year they already reach to all-time highest price record with $7.28 USD recorded on 16th February 2020 after this date we have seen all cryptocurrency was dropped with huge percentage and most possible reason behind this is a coronavirus which impacting each and every country economy with a shutdown, now talking about growth percentage in which OKB was still looking strong so far because from $2.68 to $7.28 USD in less than one month with 171% growth rate which may be the highest growth from top 50 highest market cap holder list, so this sudden hype is noticeable for many top investors and also OKB they not steadily receiving transaction in their network and hopefully this coin may perform better in future so following that we predicted below figure which can be considering sudden growth and drop with high percentage.

Month & Year Average Price Prediction in USD
March 2020 $4.22 USD
April 2020 $4.98 USD
May 2020 $7.22 USD
June 2020 $6.23 USD
July 2020 $5.2 USD
August 2020 $3.92 USD
September 2020 $3.22 USD
October 2020 $7.10 USD
November 2020 $7.56 USD
December 2020 $8.34 USD

Note: with a 3-month gap in the price fluctuation.

Shinobi Capital is one of the biggest investment firms was reaching at OKB token in which they have predicted that OKB in 2020 will be hiked by more than 1500% and that will break all the record, as after reaching 172% OKB again down as if there is one price moon has expected to come then that can help them to reach up to 600% growth and the reason behind this unexpected entry of coronavirus in 2020.

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OKB Coin Price Prediction 2021

So with crossing $8 USD mark as per prediction and we have double the price in new year OKB Prediction looks stronger than another coin so as per logic it is near about $16 USD, but that not easy to reach this price, as this prediction will achievable when they got more number of transaction un year 2020, as well as OKB, has to be on the 25th position along with this they need to upgrade their current network which also includes faster transaction, smart contact and reduces bugs in the system, as total supply and calculating supply having more than 50% difference so expecting price on the moon for sole OKB coin not possible if recovery from coronavirus is faster than other coins that will really help them to dominate in 2020 market and with this OKB token will cross all-time highest record and reaches to new heights.

Month & Year Price Prediction in USD
February 2021 $12 USD
June 2021 $14.2 USD
August 2021 $11.23
October 2021 $7.24 USD
December 2021 $13.23

Note: somewhere in June 2021 OKB may reach to new all-time highest.

OKB Future Forecast 2025 & 2030

OKB in 2025 will comes into a condition of a shortage supply of token where OKB will be started with huge percentage, as this previously happened in December 2017 and January 2018 where Bitcoin was crossed $20k USD, as OKB was not launched that time so this coin was never experiencing this price on the moon phase, so following that OKB will cross $30 USD mark in 2025 and if they maintain their momentum till 2030 then OKB is very close to crossing $50 USD mark and that will milestone to be profited OKB into one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in the market.

Cryptocurrency Name OKB
Ticker Symbol OKB
Total Supply 300,000,000 OKB
ROI 170%
Official Website Okex.com
Ranking on market cap 29th
All-time highest price $7.51 USD
Based on Ethereum Blockchain
Information OK Foundation owned Tradition based cryptocurrency


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