YFUEL Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is YFUEL?

In the race of yield farming again new token started emerging in DeFi market. YFUEL the project that aim to simplify farming and also bringing real value of yearn finance project to users. YFUEL do not care about where you have bigger or small investment it still offers similar features for everyone. Yfuel believe to provider user reliability where user can manage everything on ay device with just internet connection.

Network of yfuel enable cross chain liquidity, where every chain connected with other chains. On platform token are pooled so they can swap with other tokens to determine fees and liquidity.  

YFUEL ecosystem is fuel by governance token Yfuel that built on governance strategy. It will adopt decentralized nature that aim means yfuel token holder will allow to vote on platform. major decision on platform will be followed via voting that include project upgradation, feature and other. Project started with release with whitepaper in July 2020 and following token presale it listed on uniswap platform. Yfuel also introduced staking via credible pool along with yield farming.

Yfuel Price Prediction

Month & YearYFuel Price Prediction
November 2020$2.28
December 2020$3.36
January 2021$4.28
February 2021$5.01
March 2021$5.18
April 2021$5.73
May 2021$5.33
June 2021$6.18
July 2021$6.41
August 2021$5.99
September 2021$6.84
October 2021$7.32
November 2021$7.82
December 2021$7.38
January 2022$8.07
February 2022$8.34
March 2022$7.68
April 2022$8.84
May 2022$9.23
June 2022$9.54
July 2022$8.99
August 2022$9.51
September 2022$10.01
October 2022$10.34
November 2022$11.16
December 2022$10.43
January 2025$11.01
March 2025$11.70
May 2025$12.18
July 2025$17.84
October 2025$17.67
Decemeber 2025$18.34
January 2030$20.15
March 2030$29.61
May 2030$30.18
July 2030$29.54
October 2030$29.97
December 2030$31.68

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Yfuel Overview

Project nameYfuel
Ticker SymbolYFUEL
Total Supply25,000
Official websiteyfuel.finance
Based onDeFi yield farming
Launched year2019
All-time high$253 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap (v2)
WalletMetamask, Ledger.
Yfuel Price Prediction

Yfuel Price Analysis

Following CMC price data YFUEL listed with average price $245 USD and later it continues to follow bearish trend. within 1 week it was dropped form $245 USD to below $1 USD, again on 19th September from $1.89 USD to $97.36 USD with almost 9000% growth in less than 24 hours. Today, as of writing Yfuel is trending on blockchain market with highest price hiked in just 1 day.


We should more careful than ever because of recent scams of DeFi project who almost stole million worth tokens. we still suggest instead following hype of any project please go through project check all details like team member, whitepaper and history of founder. In future project aiming to power decentralized application development and also blockchain meetup are planned. YFuel focusing governance, farming, vault, low transaction fees and user interference.

Yfuel Rating