DFI.Money (YFII) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is DFI.Money?

YFII Finance official announces for rename of project to DFI.Money, as it is just brand upgrade. DFI Money announces this on official Twitter page on 27 August 2020, as there will no token swap and network upgrade will be happening. however, YFII will transition into DFI and aim to become better, stronger and versatile version of DeFi Finance. Transition only involve change in project name, as ticker symbol will remain same i.e. YFII.

DFI.Money current stated beta project and it is little system of yEarn Finance i.e. in technical world it DFI.Money is fork version of YFI Decentralized Finance project. YFII token will be act as governance token that enable voting and future change of network. currently DFI.money listed DIA, Curve DAO Token, WETH and Chainlink for deposit to earn from farming yield.

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Beta version gained huge response from user and after claiming million worth token in market volume. the project already enters into top 10 best Decentralized Finance project list.

DFI.Money Price Prediction

Month & YearYFII Price Prediction
June 2021$4,454.4890
July 2021$8,268.8119
August 2021$9,335.7553
September 2021$10,029.2686
October 2021$11,469.6423
November 2021$15,417.3331
December 2021$16,617.6445
January 2022$25,339.9073
February 2022$29,874.4171
March 2022$34,942.3985
April 2022$32,541.7757
May 2022$40,543.8517
June 2022$43,477.9463
July 2022$48,545.9277
August 2022$38,676.7007
September 2022$46,145.3049
October 2022$54,680.8527
November 2022$48,812.6636
December 2022$52,013.4940
July 2023$58,681.8907
January 2025$120,297.8759
March 2025$109,895.1771
May 2025$117,897.2531
July 2025$104,293.7239
September 2025$120,831.3476
October 2025$124,832.3856
Decemeber 2025$131,234.0464
January 2030$232,593.6757
March 2030$246,463.9408
May 2030$267,802.8101
July 2030$277,938.7731
September 2030$256,599.9037
December 2030$286,741.0567

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DFI.Money Overview

Project nameDFI.Money
Ticker SymbolYFFI
Total Supply40,000
Official websiteDfi.money
Based onYield Farming
Launched year2020
All-time high$5922 USD
Exchange PlatformHuobi Global, Uniswap v2. Balancer, MXC, 1inch Exchange, Hotbit, Bilaxy
DFI.Money Price Prediction

YFII Price Analysis

DFI Money is one of the most trending crypto under Top 100, this week because of its shocking and surprising Return on Investment(ROI) for this week and month. You can find detailed price analysis and prediction for DFI.Money(YFII) crypto in the below section. All time ROI of YFII coin is around 800% means if you have invested 10 USD on the day 1  then it could be 80$ within a month.

YFII was registered on CoinMarketCap on 29th July 2020 with maximum supply of 40 thousand YFII coins. Out of total 40k YFII almost all YFII coins are being circulated in the market. Because of such a low availability of DFI.Money crypto, it directly affects on the price or value of 1 YFII coin. At the time of registration price of 1 YFII was about $716 USD and later in 2 3 days it started dropping in dramatic way and reached price of $96 USD within a week.

Later for next 16 days price of 1 YFII coin was fluctuating between $100 to $300 USD. After 19th August 2020, DFI.Money started showing very strong bullish nature and within span of 11 days it crossed milestone of 5 Thousand USD Dollar per YFII coin. This YFII and YFFI are fork cryptos of popular cryptocurrency YFI(Yearn.Finance). This YFI coin has value of 32,000 USD Dollars which is almost 3 times of 1 Bitcoin. Unique thing about this YFI series is they have very limited supply ranging between 30 to 50 Thousand. This YFI coins may have some drops in coming weeks but if you are looking for a long term and high return investment then this could be a good option.

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Will hit $10000 USD?

Possible in 2021 year.

Is DFI.Money a Good Investment?

Yes, better you choose different DeFI project as deposit to earn YFFI.


Yearn Finance almost become faster growing DeFi Project with billion market volume. DFI.Money enable Yield Farming where user can lend assets for generating highest return. However, similarly to Yearn it has feature for allowing different finance on platform for earning passive income. YFFI token also available on different trading platform and gaining huge response. DFI.Money will be biggest project following path of Yearn Finance it will introduced newest feature in Finance.  

DFI.Money Rating