Top Blockchain Network Crypto Project with Huge Potential

Whenever you hear Buy the Dip term that means you about to make decision which altcoin or crypto project is best to invest. We know crypto crash or market dip is create panic situation, where investor faces huge loss or cash out at invested price. before you invest in project make it clear what is project utility and what fundamental value they have. crypto price fluctuation may depend on supply but project value depends on their product they provided.

In recent time, we have seeing revolution in Decentralized crypto projects with mix of meme, product based, yield farming, DEX, Oracle and more. we know, most of you have invested in meme coin but it has fundamentally zero value. so, instead of focusing project, whos chances of disappearing, just focus on the real value project. in next 2 to 3 year we could see thousand of DeFi project covering multiple niches will come, once it settles or covered every service and after that we could lesser number. so, considering that below list Crypto project will be focusing on Ethereum existing problem with more decentralized solution.

Top Blockchain Network Crypto Project


 One of most growing networks in recent run of decentralized era, as project about to complete 1 year of launch but still it is in the top 5 crypto projects by market volume. Polkadot is founded of Ethereum co-founder British computer scientist Gavin wood. Gavin was one of key founding member and developer of Ethereum network with that experience, he identifies limitation and problem in existing system. in order to provide perfect solution, Polkadot is born, which is said to be Decentralized web 3.0 Blockchain Network.

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Ethereum slow development of version 2.0 that aiming to improve scalability, staking and efficient performance. Polkadot before announcement of Etheruem 2.0 has built next generation scalable blockchain protocol that aiming to connect multiple existing blockchain through interoperability feature. Polkadot has implemented multi-chain infrastructure to achieve scalability through sharding, as it allows to run multiple blockchain in parallel way using parachain.

DOT is utility token polkadot network that serves in three department that include governance, staking and bonding. DOT was listed in 2020 with average price $2.3 USD and considering current ATH i.e., $49.69 its ROI crosses to 17.4x as of writing.

DOT Price Prediction

Internet Computer

Dfinity foundation founded internet computer that upgrades public internet into tamper proof computing platform. Internet computer will allow developer, business, entrepreneurs and organization to deploy Decentralized applications. Project founding team has great experience who built this innovation with years of dedicated development and research. In the development DFINITY has combined two technology that include cryptography and computer science, as this network will solve the problem of unlimited storage and on-chain computation.

Platform has internet computer protocol (ICP) which is run by composition of different nodes situated all over the globe. Chain key technology is work as engine, which ensure working of internet computer and run operations. So, by innovating performance of public internet in different functionality, where software hosted at backend and transforming concept into global platform.

ICP is nothing but utility token formerly known as DFN, as it rebranded to internet protocol token. ICP token primary use will be the governance participation ticket, where community will decide future development and propose new rules. ICP is currently under top 10 blockchain project following listing on major centralized exchanges like Huobi Global, Coinbase Pro and more.

ICP Price Prediction


Polygon formerly Matic network is Indian start-up project that know as strongest pillar behind development of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Ecosystem. Matic development was ended in early 2019, later it mainnet launched following ICO sale. In 2021, Matic network rebranded as Polygon to expanding mission and building powerful multi-chain system.

Polygon is reborn as Ethereum internet of blockchain that help developer and business to deploy and connect with EVM blockchain network. Polygon not only rebranding but it is improved in the different department, where it has solved scalability and user experience problem. now, many Ethereum project has started on deploying on matic network, as its smart contract platform has higher transaction output. Polygon based on layer 2 scaling solution that enhance performance and scalability with help of sidechains for off-chain computation without feature of security and privacy. Matic network uses plasma framework along with proof of stake consensus algorithm, which solves scalability and usability without compromising decentralization.

Polygon rebranded but token still has same name i.e., Matic Token, which is native token of polygon ecosystem. in layer 2 solution, Matic token use to pay transaction fees on network and it also used in staking to participate proof of stake mechanism. Matic token trading open at price $0.0034 USD in 2019 and due to growth in network integration its price as of writing surges to $2.68 i.e., ATH. Matic since listing up by 78723% and it will continue its bullish sentiment in 2021, following growth in DeFi ecosystem.

MATIC Price Prediction

Binance Smart Chain

Binance smart chain (BSC) works parallel with Binance launched Binance chain founded in April 2019. BSC main aim to provide faster, gas less transaction on decentralized non-custodial exchange. BSC is all about performance, low-cost transactions, scalability and instant approval time for decentralized finance. BSC is EVM compatible that allow to integration of Decentralized application by introducing smart contract into ecosystem.

Binance smart chain is fully developed by community, as Binance founder clear about Binance operating BSC. As this blockchain individually operated blockchain that offer layer 2 i.e., off-chain scalability solution to blockchain application. BSC has achieves less than 3 second transaction approval time and 80% more scalability than Ethereum. network uses Proof of staked Authority, where users need to stake BNB coin to become validator and earn rewards.

Binance coin (BNB) plays important role for paying gas fees on BSC network based non-custodial trading. BNB prices skyrocketing after uses of BSC network continue to spike, as due to low gas fees and faster approval time its uses continuously growing with time. user paying fees in cent, as on Ethereum network average fees crosses $50 USD.

BNB Price Prediction


One of highly rated scalable, secure, faster and censorship resistant blockchain network that changing global adoption. Solana provide infrastructure for upcoming decentralized application that include payment network, exchanges, prediction market and others. as per official portal more than 20 billion transaction completed with average fees per transaction $0.00025 USD nearly zero fees. however, Solana is currently working to complete milestone of scaling 710k transaction per second, which more than google ads delivery and NASDAQ transactions.

Solana has proof of history design that execute proof of verifying order and passage of time between two events. Proof of history works parallelly with main consensus algorithm proof of work and Proof of stake algorithm. Solana has partner with top blockchain project including Tether, chainlink, Serumm Terra, arweave for building ideal blockchain ecosystem for future.

SOL token is native currency of Solana ecosystem that can pass to node for running on-chain programs. Lamports i.e., micro payment can be paid using SOL Token, as it can be staked in order to earn rewards. SOL token is solely performing in crypto crash and coinbase is listing SOL token before Polkadot and other top network-based tokens.

SOL Price Prediction

Top Blockchain network Crypto Project
Top Blockchain network Crypto Project


NetworkToken SymbolDEXBlock TimeTPS
PolkadotDOTPolkaswap, PolkaDEX6 second166,666+
Internet ComputerICP~ 1 sec10,000
MaticMATICDFYN, Quickswap~ 1 sec65,000
Binance Smart ChainBNBPancakeswap~2 sec17.5
SolanaSOLLunaDEX400 ms65,000


Ethereum exclusion from above list may be shocking for some of you, as we know most of mentioned network trying modified or innovated Ethereum network. however, DeFi era was begin with Ethereum network, as just like Bitcoin face of crypto similarly ETH will be face of decentralized Finance. when we talk about performance, scalability, interoperability then we will think above top performing network.