Internet Computer (ICP) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Internet Computer?

Dfinity foundation unveil their most awaited project the internet Computer that aiming to host secures software with compueter with idea of reinventing the internet as computer. Dfinity was founded in October 2016 and currently having team of 188 with 3 different research centers based in zurinch, Switzerland. Ind December 2020, project launches Alpha mainnet and now Dfinity reaches to final stage known as mercury level after launching Beta mainnet and genesis program.

Dfinity claims that Internet Computer is third biggest innovation in the blockchain history after Bitcoin and Ethereum. as it was started with Bitcoin who plays role of Digital gold then Ethereum with smart contract that empower DeFi revolution. Being 3rd invention with infinite blockchain we could reimagine how you build everything.

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Internet Computer is based on ICP Protocol who introduced world first ever web pseed and web serving public blockchain network. The protocol aims to run special combination of node machines by independent parties that located in different data centers globally. ICP Protocol network will be hosting special smart contract called as canister, which will be tamperproof and unstoppable similar as Internet. This canister directly provider web content to developers or user for interaction with blockchain services.

Internet Computer Price Prediction

Month & YearICP Price Prediction
July 2021$69.25
August 2021$102.83
September 2021$114.72
October 2021$121.44
November 2021$130.74
December 2021$97.15
January 2022$114.72
February 2022$126.09
March 2022$149.34
April 2022$152.44
May 2022$166.40
June 2022$177.76
July 2022$172.08
August 2022$200.50
September 2022$183.45
October 2022$204.12
November 2022$189.13
December 2022$201.54
April 2023$190.17
August 2023$206.19
January 2025$527.09
March 2025$589.10
May 2025$682.12
July 2025$622.17
September 2025$609.77
October 2025$713.12
Decemeber 2025$733.79
January 2030$1,576.11
March 2030$1,674.29
May 2030$1,880.99
July 2030$1,731.13
September 2030$1,994.68
December 2030$2,092.86

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Internet Computer Overview

Project name Internet Computer
Ticker SymbolICP 
Total Supply 469,213,710
Based onBlockchain development 
Launched year2016 
All-time high$737 USD
Exchange Platform Binance, Coinbase Pro, Coinlist Pro, Gate, Hoo, Huobi Global, OKEx

ICP Price Analysis

The Internet Computer Token i.e., ICP that primarily used as governance token for Decentralized ecosystem of network. ICP token not required to hold for uses of services, as its main use will be in computation cycles and running software respectively. After network launch only 469,213,710 will be available in circulating supply, as user participate can manage network. ICP token anytime can be converted into cycle, as computation will burns cycles. Entrepreneurs and developers allow to fund raising by selling ICP governance token.

Internet Computer Price Prediction

ICP token after mainet launch gets listed on top trading platform like Binance, Coinbase Pro, Gate and more exchanges announces for listing. As per record ICP in IOU touched $25,988 USD, which is token issued on Blockchain. as of now, CMC reports claims that ICP price hits all time high after reaching $737 USD. Internet Computer becomes 6th biggest project by market cap volume by beating project like Polkadot, XRP and Cardano.


How Much ICP Worth in 2030?

ICP supply is low as compared to other Blockchain network, as it per IOU data it was touch almost $25k USD price, as we could see in 2030 ICP Tokek touching this figure again.

Is Internet Computer a Good Investment?

Yes, one of the tough competitors may existing blockchain, as it works way different than traditional blockchain. many top analysts highly bullish on ICP and early investor will be gain huge ROI in upcoming months.


Internet Computer could be game changer innovation in Blockchain history and it could serve thousand of upcoming Blockchain project with their special smart contracts. We know thousand of smart contract based DeFi project launching and in that Internet Computer simplified things user friendly platform without compromising Blockchain security. However, Internet Computer in real used cases can be part of building things like Tokenized internet service, industry platform, Defi and smart contract, enterprise System, websites and more innovation. Developer no need to hold token, as they can build services by simply uploading canister (smart contacts) into cyberspace.

Canisters designed to pay for their own computation, which termed as reverse gas mode where user don’t pay like Ethereum required to gas fees for services. ICP in the innovation will focus on the dimension of block times, confirmation time, scalability of computing and storage power. Internet computer known as chain key technology that filled with new technology non-interactive distributed key generation, network nervous system, internet identity and more.

Internet Computer Rating