Unfi (Unifi Protocol DAO) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Unifi Protocol DAO?

Newest entrant that aims to enhance next generation development of DeFi i.e. decentralized Finance space. Unifi Protocol is nothing but collection of interoperable, decentralized, non-custodial and smart contracts that simply provide tools for development of DeFi. As of now Unifi protocol wanted to create bridge between Ethereum based DeFi with other blockchain, as in order to established connection Unifi uses Seed Bridge. The project developed by Sesameseed, which is having great experience in multi-chain staking, as this community-based company has operating nodes on number of blockchain.

Under Unifi Protocol layer there are list of features it offer that include incentivized liquidity provider, lending, cross-chain instant swap, rewards token for staking and fee sharing governance. In the tagline Unifi Protocol claimed to reward community for participation in DeFi through different blockchain platform. so, in this project there will be no restriction of blockchain platform for accessing DeFi product. Unifi will add some value to existing blockchain so that they will follow decentralized protocol along with creating new defi products.

Unifi also introduced their own blockchain based trading platform known as uTrade, this platform will be used as decentralized, unlimited liquidity market maker and rewards LP. However, uTrade currently listed different blockchain platform including Binance, Tron, Ontology and more.

Unifi Protocol Price Prediction

Month & YearUNFI Price Prediction
February 2021$10.4601
March 2021$15.4148
April 2021$19.6126
May 2021$22.9846
June 2021$23.7416
July 2021$26.2878
August 2021$24.4298
September 2021$28.3523
October 2021$29.3846
November 2021$27.4577
December 2021$31.3802
January 2022$33.5823
February 2022$35.8533
March 2022$33.8576
April 2022$37.0232
May 2022$38.2619
June 2022$35.2339
July 2022$40.5328
August 2022$42.3220
September 2022$43.7672
October 2022$41.2210
November 2022$43.6295
December 2022$45.9005
January 2025$47.4144
March 2025$51.1993
April 2025$47.8273
May 2025$50.5112
July 2025$53.6767
September 2025$55.8788
October 2025$81.8226
Decemeber 2025$81.0656
January 2030$84.1623
March 2030$92.4203
May 2030$135.8433
July 2030$138.4584
September 2030$135.4993
October 2030$137.4949
December 2030$145.3400

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Unifi Protocol DAO Overview

Project nameUnifi Protocol DAO
Ticker SymbolUnFi
Total Supply10,000,000
Official websiteUnifiprotocol.com
Based onMulti-chain interoperable blockchain
Launched year 2019
All-time high$15.25 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, Hydax Exchange, MXC.com, Hotbit, Bibox.  
WalletERC-20 wallet
PartnerHBTC, Waterdrop capital, chain capital, MXC Pro Capital, Block water, Consensus lab, nova club, vector capital, Binance, bitblock, BlockARK, Jubi, Kirin Fund, Oasis capital, signum capital.

Unfi Price Analysis

Unfi is decentralized governance token that support Unifi Protocol ecosystem. UnFi Token was listed on 19th November 2020 on trading platform with average price $3.94 USD, as comparing with today price it already surged by more than 3x times. In last 24-hour UnFi added new around $28 million USD in market cap volume and token entered into top 300 list. UnFi Token can be earned from staking as rewards from platform. UnFi token will open direct interaction with ETH and another token on uTrade platform. however, just like other governance model UnFi token holder will be responsible in decision making in growth of project. UnFI token also allow yield farming that can help community to earn from Unifi Blockchain.

UnFi Coin Price Prediction


Will UnFi Reach $100 USD?

It may take more 10 to 15 year from now.

Is Unifi Protocol a good investment?

Holding UnFi token will help to get benefit from growth of Unifi Blockchain.


Unifi a name suggest unification of different blockchain with interoperable and multi-chain feature. In short period of time Unifi has already launched on top major blockchain and it will continue to add more blockchain in future. Unifi Protocol will be key in future revolution of Decentralized Finance providing best ever tools and feature. Sesameseed community who developed Unifi strongly consider Unifi for next big thing in blockchain market and It could solve majority problem in existing DeFi world.

Unifi Protocol Rating