ZKSwap (ZKS) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is ZKSwap?

ZKSwap breaking ZK and Swap i.e., it is based on ZL Rollup along with Automated market maker model. ZKSwap is layer 2 decentralized exchange that aim to minimize high gas fees problem. Project developed by L2Lab team, as they also launched GPU version of the Plonk algorithm and prover server to improve TPS. Platform will be having similar functioning as Uniswap but it will rely on Layer-2 with full of scalability and Privacy.

Adoption of ZK-Rollup’s technology allow network to transfer ERC-20 or ETH tokens to layer 2 state and this will be based on zero knowledge proofs. So, any liquidity provider and trader can submit layer 1 token to convert into layer 2 with real time swap and zero gas fees. ZKSwap integration with privacy payment tool where all swap on platform remains fully private. In future along with ERC20 token platform it will add support for ERC721, NFT and other DeFi standard Tokens.

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ZKSwap currently hosted more than 200 pairs where traders can swap or provide liquidity as their choice. ZKSwap aiming to solve user experience where 100% custody of token will be given to token holder. As it observed in existing DEX including block confirmation time and slow processing expected to solved by this project.

ZKSwap Price Prediction

Month & YearZKS Price Prediction
May 2021$3.5802
June 2021$6.6460
July 2021$7.5035
August 2021$8.0609
September 2021$9.2186
October 2021$12.3915
November 2021$13.3562
December 2021$20.3667
January 2022$24.0112
February 2022$28.0846
March 2022$26.1551
April 2022$32.5867
May 2022$34.9449
June 2022$39.0182
July 2022$31.0860
August 2022$37.0888
September 2022$43.9491
October 2022$39.2326
November 2022$41.8053
December 2022$47.1649
January 2025$96.6881
March 2025$88.3270
May 2025$94.7586
July 2025$83.8249
September 2025$97.1169
October 2025$100.3326
Decemeber 2025$105.4779
January 2030$186.9446
March 2030$198.0927
May 2030$215.2435
July 2030$223.3902
September 2030$206.2393
December 2030$230.4649

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ZKSwap Overview

Project nameZKSwap
Ticker SymbolZKS
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Official websiteZks.org, zkswap.info
Based onDEX
Launched year2020
All-time high$11.37 USD
Exchange PlatformZKS, Huobi Global, Uniswap, MXC, 1inch Exchange, Gate, Hotbit, LBank

ZKS Price Analysis

ZKS having bull run in 2021 as it continues to show consistent growth in market cap volume and already cross half billion worth. ZKS already listing on major trading platform including Huobi Global where it helps to achieve ATH record. ZKS as of writing traded at $2.70 price but in future it could break resistance level to reach $5 USD mark. ZKS is ERC-20 protocol token of ZKSwap called as major component of ecosystem. over 60% token supply will be distributed for community mining following different mining method. Owing ZKS is certification for entry in governance, token listing, transaction verification processing. However, community miming includes proof of liquidity mining , gas, ZK snarks, TransFee and smart contract staking. ZKS Price expected to surge over $10 USD, as comparing with other DEX token it Can go over $30 USD in upcoming month.

ZKSwap Price Prediction


Will ZKS Coin hit $50?

As per our prediction platform ZKS will Reach $50 after 2025.

Is ZKSwap a Good Investment?

DEX is Future and features that project has clearly have advantage over existing DEX.


Decentralized Finance continues breaking new record in market cap volume as well as technology adoption. In recent times more than thousand project has already launched and most of existing platform already transfer to decentralized network. in this wave of DeFi we also seeing rise of Decentralized Exchange i.e., crypto exchange controlled by community itself. However, network demand is surging by which gas fees, scalability and privacy become biggest concern. Most of DEX currently active charging huge gas fees for per transaction, as small funds swap, transfer become more terrible where sometimes it charges more fees than actual fund. So, with ZKSwap who aiming to solve this issue will definitely grabs attention and will see huge growth in users with new token entry

ZKSwap Rating