Injective Protocol (INJ) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Injective Protocol?

Injective Protocol aiming to unveil full potential of Decentralized Finance teaming up with Binance. The network followed by layer-2 exchange protocol and front running resistance that allowing user trading, swaps, CFDS and mores. Injective protocol said to be first ever fully decentralized protocol as it makes comeback after crypto market start going up again. Originally project was under development since 2018 and it launches it mainnet in 2020.

Injective protocol has implemented on cosmos SDK module and build using EVM on tendermint. However, in their chain network uses tendermind proof of stake algorithm that unlock cross-chain ability with trading. network also coming up solution for front-running by implementing collision resistant and VDF. so, in short network uses comibination of Ethereum and cosmos ecosystem that unlock many features in DeFi space. in DeFi injective protocol offers fast cross-chain trading, low gas fees and instant swap between two different ecosystems.

Project as per their top mentioned fully decentralized that means it will be driven by community itself. all major decision on platform like listing, system upgradation will be done via voting on DAO. for community project also introduced liquidity mining incentive that help community to earn reward from network.

Injective Protocol Price Prediction

Month & YearINJ Price Prediction
February 2021$9.4134
March 2021$13.8723
April 2021$17.6501
May 2021$20.6846
June 2021$21.3659
July 2021$23.6573
August 2021$21.9852
September 2021$25.5152
October 2021$26.4441
November 2021$24.7101
December 2021$28.2401
January 2022$30.2219
February 2022$32.2655
March 2022$30.4696
April 2022$33.3184
May 2022$34.4331
June 2022$31.7082
July 2022$36.4768
August 2022$38.0870
September 2022$39.3875
October 2022$37.0961
November 2022$39.2636
December 2022$41.3073
January 2025$42.6698
March 2025$46.0759
April 2025$43.0414
May 2025$45.4566
July 2025$48.3054
September 2025$50.2872
October 2025$73.6348
Decemeber 2025$72.9536
January 2030$75.7404
March 2030$83.1720
May 2030$122.2499
July 2030$124.6032
September 2030$121.9402
October 2030$123.7362
December 2030$130.7962

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Injective Protocol Overview

Project nameInjective Protocol
Ticker SymbolINJ
Total Supply100,000,000
Based onDeFi Protocol
Launched year2018
All-time high$1.87 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, VCC Exchange, Dcoin, Hotbit, Pancakeswap, wazirX,, Poloniex
WalletMultisig wallet

INJ ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by3,600,000 USD
Date of ICO20th October 2020
ICO Price$0.60 USD
PartnersBinance, Pantera, Hashed, Bitlink, CMS, Startx, K42, QCP Capital, Altonomy.

INJ Price Analysis

INJ is utility token of injective protocol ecosystem as it plays important role from participating in governance to used as mode transaction on platform. INJ must be preowned to take participation in cross-chain trading, yield generation of multiple assets. Now comparing ICO price with today’s average prices INJ already surge with 3x. however, injective protocol already features in google trending along with Nucypher and it could indicate huge growth in future. since, its launch INJ maintained average price above $1 USD and it is very close to reach $2 USD mark as of writing.  Injective Protocol DEX running on testnet and once it fully activated with mainet, there will be huge growth in market volume and price.

Injective Protocol Price Prediction


How Much INJ Worth in 2030?

Most probably worth more than $25 USD.

Is Injective Protocol a Good Investment?

New rising DeFi protocol but we still suggest do proper research.


Injective protocol got decent start in 2020, as market is expected to surge yet again and following success of DeFi project. we know 2020 year was in favour of decentralized finance and in the end, there was little momentum shifting to top coins. As we know key and old project losing ranking in the market but after Bitcoin soaring bringing that project into their original position. However, Injective protocol is not only project that claim to be fully decentralized but as per their partnership and integration they might have big advantage over other. so, if market manages to keep momentum up then injective protocol sees good response at the end of year.

Injective Protocol Rating