Power Ledger (POWR) Price Prediction 2020, 2022, 2025, 2030 Till $1

What is Power Ledger?

The renewable energy and environmental commodities like Solar based Cryptocurrency, build by Power Ledger using Blockchain technology created South Australian company, as from last few days Power Ledger showing consistent growth in prices, and with this they about to enter into top 100 list.

Power Ledger currently running their project in different countries including Italy, United States, Indian, Australia, Japan, Austria, Thailand with joining hands with respective local companies.

This project was founded in 2016 by Jemma Green, as they have used POWR token for peer to peer energy trading with the help of software, as they believe in 2025 there will be huge demand this renewable sources equipment and Power Ledger will the fiat currency to buy this resources anywhere in the world, they will make choosing energy from renewable sources, easier and cheaper as compare to current market.

Power Ledger Price Prediction

Month & YearPOWR Price Prediction
September 2020$0.1056
October 2020$0.1230
November 2020$0.1143
December 2020$0.1210
January 2021$0.1404
February 2021$0.1491
March 2021$0.1278
April 2021$0.1617
May 2021$0.1675
June 2021$0.1811
July 2021$0.1511
August 2021$0.1830
September 2021$0.2140
October 2021$0.2247
November 2021$0.2063
December 2021$0.2586
January 2022$0.2837
February 2022$0.3234
March 2022$0.3515
April 2022$0.3263
May 2022$0.3728
June 2022$0.3573
July 2022$0.2247
August 2022$0.2314
September 2022$0.2479
October 2022$0.2663
November 2022$0.2692
December 2022$0.2779
January 2025$0.7640
April 2025$0.7534
July 2025$0.7970
October 2025$0.9132
Decemeber 2025$0.8464
January 2030$1.2821
April 2030$1.3673
July 2030$1.3257
October 2030$1.3538
December 2030$1.4642

Holo Price Prediction

Power Ledger Overview

Project NamePower Ledger
Ticker SymbolPOWR
Official websitePowerledger.io
Based OnSmart Contract Blockchain
Launched in2016
Total Supply999,785,291 POWR
All time high$2.01
Ranking by market cap108
Trading PlatformLATOKEN, Upbit, Binance, Bithumb, Local Trade, BitVavo, Bitrue, Huobi Global, Bitkun, DigiFinex.
WalletLedger Wallet

POWR ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$13,240,000 USD
Date of ICO5th october 2017
ICO Price$0.083 USD
PartnersekWateur, TDED, Sharing Energy, eRex, Nicheliving, LISD, Clearway, Helpanswers,

There are many reasons behind successful run of Power Ledger, but in that after they become partner with one of biggest Indian State power distributor i.e. Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited, which confirmed by India Smart Grid, as they will user Power Ledger Blockchain technology to enable trading of different type of energy in India. so, following their announcement of partnership with different region is helping them to generating good market cap value. As Power ledger was listed in 2017 with price $0.11 USD, and then within 3 months of after launching it reaches to all-time high i.e. $2.01 USD, and as per the price graph POWR almost hiked by 1772%. But after dropping with almost same percentage of January 2018, still this cryptocurrency performing decent in market, where their most average position crypto market was in between 150 to 200, then in 2019 they improve their ranking after entering into top 150 list.

In Q1 of 2020 POWR prices changed from $0.036 to $0.11 with almost 205%, as in Q2 2020 Power is all set to cross best price of Q1 2020, but that takes 2 more months or even more, as this is very best time for this cryptocurrency, who already based on product as if they manages so get more partnership, where partner company invest some bucks in network, will help to create sudden pike in which 24 market cap will be reaches to $30 million, as currently it is ranging at average $10 to $15 million. as India currently lift banned over cryptocurrency, so if they successfully work with UP then other big states such as Delhi or Maharashtra will be biggest addition for them, as currently in India this renewable resources business is on the peak, and business relation between both country will help POWR grow in the future.

In 2021 the chances of crossing $1 USD mark is more, because market will be on the moon because expected time where coronavirus vaccine distribution start, as this pandemic already causes most of country economy, as most of people already lost their job, people right now not investing more in cryptocurrency, as per report comparing Q1 or 2019 with Q1 2020 the number transaction was double in 2020, so looking at strong crypto future in 2021, where things became normal market will go up and also Power Ledger all with other Altcoin will show some decent growth in prices.

Power Ledger Price Prediction

In the list of achievement so far, they are now providing peer to peer trading, their platform application provides neo-retailer, also enable electricity metering, rapid micro-payments. The wholesale market settlement to provide energy equipment at cheap rate, autonomous assets where user can generate income by sharing and trading. Distributed market management with help of big data, focusing on future create more charging port in country to reduce carbon in environment and support other EV project in the world.

Current they have 6 products including Xgrid, Power Port, Ugrid, VPP, Vision and PPA Vision where they are manging selling or buying energy, providing power to electric vehicle, system created for data management system for operator and owner, anyone can sell their battery electricity from home and also they have different plans city area to generate more power, as in the survey of electricity consumption, where only 85% electricity is provided so 15% of user not gets desired electricity and in future due to popular increase and dramatic change in climate causes low electricity supply and that time people in 2025 will be demand for Solar panel or other renewable energy, so with Power ledger with their blockchain innovation will solve the problem.

Considering demand increases in 2025, the power ledger will the top most company to providing services related renewable services, so following that transaction will increase, which works just like market place, so does due high demand of POWR token price also starts hiking and later that can help to reach $5 USD mark.


Is Power Ledger a Good investment?

good for both long term and short term.

How POWR Coin worth in 2030?

probably trading at $12 USD.

Will POWR Token Reach $10?

yes, may be in 2028.


The Blockchain project focusing on solving real world Energy problem with renewable Energy source with peer to peer energy transaction. however project already integrated with major companies across world and looking to spread worldwide. the concept looks strong and with blockchain this project will be one of the most eco-friendly project ever.

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