ColdStack (CLS) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Coldstack?

Coldstack is said to be decentralized cloud storage aggregator that will aim to bringing all data storage provider at one place. Clodstack has unified protocol that will aggregates cloud storage service provider like Storj, Filecoin, Sia, BitTorrent and others. however, project will be providing simplest, faster and most affordable way for cloud user for their project within blockchain space.

Cloud aggregator will be formed all-in one platform that will be having integration with top decentralized cloud storage provider. Unified API will allow to use this service with one just one key by anywhere and anyone. Migration data also not required, if user desire to change their service provider.

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Main purpose of Coldstack network is storing and retrieve data for user on clouds by forming integration with unified data exchange API, as this APIs will be compatible with amazon S3 API. so, anyone can access any AWS SDK for their project without involvement of experts. Coldstack will be sharing open-source library, which are 100% compatible with AWS S2. Every Coldstack storage system will get discount on storage cost by automatically comparing with different service provider using AI pipeline.

Coldstack Price Prediction

Month & YearCLS Price Prediction
July 2021$3.50
August 2021$6.49
September 2021$7.33
October 2021$7.88
November 2021$9.01
December 2021$12.11
January 2022$13.05
February 2022$19.90
March 2022$23.46
April 2022$27.44
May 2022$25.56
June 2022$31.84
July 2022$34.15
August 2022$38.13
September 2022$30.38
October 2022$36.24
November 2022$42.94
December 2022$38.34
April 2023$40.85
August 2023$46.09
January 2025$94.48
March 2025$86.31
May 2025$92.59
July 2025$81.91
September 2025$94.90
October 2025$98.04
Decemeber 2025$103.07
January 2030$182.67
March 2030$193.56
May 2030$210.32
July 2030$218.28
September 2030$201.52
December 2030$225.20

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Coldstack Overview

Project nameColdstack
Ticker SymbolCLS
Total Supply50,000,000
Based onCloud Storage
Launched year2020
All-time high$33 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap, Balancer
WalletMetamask, Trust Wallet.

CLS IDO Overview

Platform usedSuperStarter
Raised by$250,000 USD
Date of ICO10th may 2021
ICO Price$0.50 USD
PartnersGBV, Ankr, Blockgroup, x21, Prometeus, Alpha Chain,, Tenzor Capital, Drop Ventures, Au21 Capital, Kenetic, BitTorret.

CLS Price Analysis

CLS is native token of ecosystem with primary uses to established interaction with file storage and retrieval system. CLS at first will be based on Ethereum network, as later it will be issued on Binance Smart chain (BSC) network. the project about to implement cross-chain bridge to swap token different available network. CLS total supply is very low as compared to other cloud storage project, so its per token value be higher than expected.

Coldstack Price Prediction

CLS public sale was hosted by SuperStarter, where whitelisted user of Super Token holder purchased token at price $0.50 USD. as of now, Coldstack announces Balancer LBP, where prices set at highest price from that point it continues drop till user starts buying. CLS Price in LPB starts with $33 USD and now it falls down below $10 USD, as due to market is down will affect CLS price. Buying point of CLS will be around $3 to $5 USD i.e., 10x from IDO Price.


How much CLS will be worth in 5 years?

Probably worth above $50 USD mark.

Is Coldstack a Good Investment?

Consider this project for long term investment, as its product demand will favor in price surge.


In recent time, Data market showing huge rise as of most of growing technologies, enterprises and individual too choosing cloud storage over other traditional storage services. we have key project in blockchain space that include Storj, Filecoin, Sia that already dominating top crypto project chart with huge market cap. These projects are equally having different special feature, when it comes to cloud storage pricing may changes, which may confuse consumer. So, Coldstack could solve many problems, as putting data at single platform where user can seamlessly change Data Storage service provider with few steps.

However, price difference will be automatically tracked via network to provide cheapest cloud services for available user. so, once they got better pricing then they just need to change plans and providers. Coldstack will be playing huge role in future blockchain project development, as every project required cloud storage to launch their project. so, in this growing number of crypto project cloud storage-based project definitely sees huge growth in market cap volume in upcoming year.

Coldstack Rating