BCUBE (b-cube.ai) Token ICO Sale Review, Price Prediction 2021

What is b-cube.ai?

B-cube is multiple fictional and all in one AI platform built for crypto trading. Platform allow user to enable autopilot mode while trading crypto, as it will support existing centralized exchange, Decentralized exchange and DeFi Solutions. In order to enable autopilot mode Artificial intelligence and machine learning strategies will be dynamically added to the market.

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b-cube.io also introducing market place for crypto trading signals and bots with buying, selling and owning options. This AI/ML based can be created on platform with the help of working strategies, educational courses, webinar and community. all AI strategies implementing scientific approach along with use of AI driven quantitative finance, which help to takes advantages of volatility. In-house institutional-grade execution engine provided feature that take care of 24/7 trading, as it followed signal which is generated from AI engine and using sentiment analysis and technical analysis.

Team believes that in growing space blockchain everyone initially trader faces problem, for that they have built secure, efficient and easy use platform solution. Teaming set goal on working with centralized and decentralized project with unified blockchain ecosystem. Audited smart contract help share transparent profits that means automation and transparency along with DEX trading bots.

How to Buy BCUBE Token in ICO Sale?

  • Step 1: First Go to Official: ico.b-cube.ai Launchpad
  • Step 2: connect your Metamask Wallet (Ethereum Network)
  • Step 3: Then Complete KYC as some countries redistricted to participate.
  • Step 4: Once your KYC approved that means you are qualify for Private and Public Sale.
  • Sale 5: complete payment with ETH & USDT (ERC20 standard). supported pair BCUBE/USDT & BCUBE/ETH.

Note: use private wallet like Metamask, Trust and don’t use exchange wallet like Binance, Coinbase other.

Pre-seed Round & Seed Round (14.5 million)Sold out Price: $0.04 to $0.045 USD
Private Sale (8 million)
Vesting (Release): 25% at listing + 25% per month
Price: $0.15 USD
Purchase Limit: Min: $500 & Max: $100k USD
Date: Starting on 14th April 2021 @ 15:30pm CET
Public Supply (7 million)
Vesting (Release): 50% at listing + 25% per month
Price: $0.20 USD
Purchase Limit: Min: $500 & Max: $100k USD
Date: after private sale ends.
Uniswap Listing15 Days after Token Sale end or end of June 2021 (Whichever comes first).
Staking ProgramAfter uniswap Listing
CEX ListingQ3 2021 i.e., after 1st July 2021

BCUBE Token Analysis

BCUBE Token fuel b-cube.io ecosystem along being utility token with multiple uses on platform. 50% supply will be distributed in ICO and 6% supply will be dedicated to community and remaining for company. BCUCE is based on ERC20 standard built on Ethereum network, as it follows decentralized approach. BCUBE token balance will gives you access for trading bot, signal, education and provide staking rewards for stakers. It also gives discount on marketplace for buying bots or other features.

b-cube ICO will be having unique standard that gives protection to token sale participants along with stimulating BCUBE token value increase. Price warranty feature will ensure fixed token price i.e., price will remain same, which was paid at token sale. However, price of BCUBE token on public exchange will be different which is lesser than in platform price. staking reward program with limited 20 to 300 % APR by allowing stake from 5k to 750k tokens. no new token minted and in order to maximize price platform will be launching burning program and applying lowering of circulating supply strategy.

BCUBE Token Price Prediction 2021

BCUBE receive huge response in Client and Seed round as after listing confirmation from icodrop we could more investor will take part in remaining both sale. expected both private and public sale will be sold out that will help this project to reach million worth market cap. their strategy is great in order to maintain price considering ICO price as lowest point. Burning program in future will keep lowering circulating supply resulting into high demand and low supply which help BCUBE to turn on bullish run. after listing we could see BCUBE on public trading platform will open trade with above $1 USD Price.

b-cube.ai Overview

Project nameb-cube.io
Ticker SymbolBCUBE
Total Supply50,000,000
Official websiteb-cute.io
Based onAI Crypto Trading
Development StartsOctober 2018
Launched year2021
Audited byMixbytes
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformNA
WalletMetamask, Trust Wallet

BCUBE ICO Overview

Platform usedOwn Platform
Raised by$475,000 USD*
Date of ICOTBA to TBA
ICO Price $0.15 to $0.20 USD
PartnersBinance, Binance Futures, FTX, BitMEX, Kucoin
Backed byBpifinance, la French tech, centraleSupelec, universite paris-scalay, start it, design terminal, block.is, leyton, CES, Startup.ive, Businessfrance, Cryptoweekly, inlock, bitcoinbazis.


Is b-cube.ai is Legit or scam?

b-cube.io is 100% legit & safe project with verified founding team profiles on linkedin. ICODrops also listed BCUBE in their upcoming list and ICO contract is audited by Mixbytes.

Is BCUBE Token a Good Investment?

Project with potential atleast 50x for investor who brought at private or public sale.

BCUBE Token ICO Price Prediction


Probably most innovating and perfect blend on top technologies like AI, ML and Blockchain. in existing market, we know daily million of user joining blockchain and wanted to start trading as early as possible. We know every new investor probably faces huge loss in their initial days along with custodial and decentralized problem. b-cube.ai will be solving this problem with ready to use signal and bots, which works automatically for users with 0% downtime. Means investor no need to continue keep eye on market, just lets bots and signal work to take out profit.

Platform not only have marketplace but it also extends support for creating AI DeFi bots, which can be added to marketplace. Project roadmap has exciting feature in lineup as it will be listed on CEX and also starting staking on uniswap or other DEX. in rest of year and upcoming year project will adding more feature and being more transparent to the users. portfolio management, social copy trading, Defi Stake and trade at same time will be added in Q4 2021. b-cube will be supported on iOS and android devices with the mobile app support. project wanted to have top license for user as they planning to apply for DASP License from French financial regulator, AMF along with AIFM license.

B-Cube.ai Rating