Optimism (OP) Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Optimism?

Optimism as name suggested project aim to accelerated Ethereum scaling with layer 2 blockchain solution. Main purpose of launching its own network is to provide seamless low cost and faster transactions. Project has started in June 2019 with introduction of optimistic rollup and in December 2021 they have launched their main network.

Optimism is fully open source and decentralized along with that it provides permissionless and secure network. Project will be working as non-profitable organizations and all profit earning will be dedicated to launching new product on the network. Optimism will be having its own network and in future we could see newest upgraded in network that include sharded rollup, Decentralized sequencer and more.

Optimism keeping thing simple, as it used Ethereum code and network fundamental. So, codes in Optimism will remain simple and easy to understand that will help anyone to directly work with existing database. Project aim to become biggest Scaling solution for Ethereum with highest Total volume locked. as per report, Network already home of more than 35+ protocol and majorly involved in popular decentralized exchanges and applications.

Optimism Price Prediction

Month & YearOP Price Prediction
March 2023#VALUE!
April 2023#VALUE!
May 2023#VALUE!
June 2023#VALUE!
July 2023#VALUE!
August 2023#VALUE!
September 2023#VALUE!
October 2023#VALUE!
November 2023#VALUE!
December 2023#VALUE!
January 2024#VALUE!
March 2024#VALUE!
April 2024#VALUE!
July 2024#VALUE!
October 2024#VALUE!
January 2025#VALUE!
February 2025#VALUE!
March 2025#VALUE!
April 2025#VALUE!
May 2025#VALUE!
June 2025#VALUE!
July 2025#VALUE!
August 2025#VALUE!
September 2025#VALUE!
October 2025#VALUE!
November 2025#VALUE!
Decemeber 2025#VALUE!
January 2030#VALUE!
March 2030#VALUE!
May 2030#VALUE!
July 2030#VALUE!
September 2030#VALUE!
December 2030#VALUE!

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Optimism Overview

Project nameOptimism
Ticker SymbolOP
Total Supply4,294,967,296
Official websiteOptimism.io
Based onLayer 2 Solution
Launched year2019
Exchange PlatformBinance, Gate, Kucoin, OKX, Huobi Global

OP Token Price Analysis

OP is governance and utility token of Optimism ecosystem with distribution as Ecosystem fund, retroactive public goods funding, user airdrop, core contributors and investors. Token holder will get their reward from sequence revenue model, which is currently top priority in the roadmap. However, OP token revenue will be distributed public goods that aim to demand for blockspace.

As per CMC and CoinGecko OP token listed with price $0.91 USD on Binance, Huobi and other tier 1 exchanges. However, after token listing bear market start, where token value dipped below $0.50 USD. Following attack on Optimism network, hacker stole over $24 million worth token, but 95% of token later return by hacker himself to the Ethereum founder wallet. During this time, OP token continues to follow steady price graph and now since July 2022 it continues to follow upward trends. OP token price spiked from $0.47 to $2.22 USDT in less than one month. Now, token trying create resistance at price level $1.60 USD and if market sentiment remains neutral then we could see OP hitting new all time high before end of 2022.


Will OP Token hit $10?

Expected within next 1 year.

Is Optimism a Good Investment?

Looking at history Ethereum scaling solution always got huge response from investor.


Optimism right after launch stuck in big controversies in that network got hacked but still token value recovered way faster than expected. Project has great utility and strong roadmap that aiming onboard lots of potential projects on to network. Optimism has gained huge market volume in less than 3 months of listing and already it able to maintain ranking under top 200 project by market cap. Optimism token already listed on top exchange and on decentralized environment it already being listed.

Optimism Rating