Blind Boxes (BLES) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Blind Boxes?

Blind Boxes is first ever Non fungible Token aka NFT token gamified aggregator. Blind Boxes matches concept of mystery boxes that will allow user to open or unbox rate digital asset or digital collectibles. Blind Boxes aiming to empower new artists by offering opportunities to earn from their creativity. as in the current market most of famous people gets all benefit, where new real and more creators remain away from spotlight

Blind Boxes mission is simple to bringing more user or buyer on to the platform in order to accelerate sales, exposure and circulation for creator and brands. As platform also offer collector to unbox mystery boxes to discover super rare NFTs. Blind Boxes will be following round system where each round collector can unlock sealed packages which are curated from creator around the world. However, collectible in boxes will be random as some of them are highly valuable in worth. So, it will follow surprise-based system where it will drive user to buy more blind boxes in order to discover rate NFTs.

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Every creator and curator will be getting paid for their contribution for the project. creator portfolio will more transparent as they will get direct sales from platform and also gets paid for their work in blind boxes. As selling and reselling of creator working will be managed by automated smart contracts of the network. Platform as of now will be based on Ethereum network and in Q3 2021 it will be migrate of Polkadot ecosystem.

Blind Boxes Price Prediction

Month & YearBLES Price Prediction
May 2021$2.7513
June 2021$5.1072
July 2021$5.7662
August 2021$6.1946
September 2021$7.0842
October 2021$9.5225
November 2021$10.2639
December 2021$15.6512
January 2022$18.4519
February 2022$21.5821
March 2022$20.0994
April 2022$25.0419
May 2022$26.8541
June 2022$29.9843
July 2022$23.8886
August 2022$28.5016
September 2022$33.7736
October 2022$30.1491
November 2022$32.1261
December 2022$36.2448
January 2025$74.3018
March 2025$67.8766
May 2025$72.8191
July 2025$64.4169
September 2025$74.6313
October 2025$77.1026
Decemeber 2025$81.0565
January 2030$143.6612
March 2030$152.2281
May 2030$165.4080
July 2030$171.6685
September 2030$158.4886
December 2030$177.1052

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Blind Boxes Overview

Project nameBlind Boxes
Ticker SymbolBLES
Total Supply100,000,000
Based onNFT
Launched year2020
All-time high$11 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap, PancakeSwap, Gate

BLES Token IDO Overview

Platform usedIgnition & BSCPAD
Raised byNA
Date of ICO26th March 2021
ICO Price$0.15 USD

BLES Price Prediction

BLES Token is governance & utility token of Blind Boxes platform and their products. BLES token holder will be directly participate in managing Blind Boxes with DAO, as their vote will be help in decision making of project development. BLES token public sale carried out with ignition by paid network and BSCPAD crypto project launchpad. BLES token was sold at price $0.15 USD and listed at price $2.01 USD at Uniswap DEX. BLES after listing gained almost half billion-dollar diluted market cap that help them to cross $10 USD mark. as of now it trading at average price $6.50 USD and expected to cross $15 USD in few weeks. BLES token has multiple uses as firstly it will be useful for opening blind boxes and completing NFT based transaction on marketplace. for every box opening and reward for creator, curator and liquidity provider will be distributed using BLES token.

Similar as Ethernity chain and Loot Token, Bles demand will be skyrocketing in future and its prices keeping rising. As team planning to listing BLES on more trading platform including big CEX that will definitely boost market cap and prices too.

Blind Boxes Price Prediction


Is Blind Boxes a Good Investment?

Blind Boxes investor or term as collector will be having multiple ways to earn in future, so Blind Boxes will be investment of the future.

Will Bles Coin hit $50?

In order to receive Boxes user needs BLES Token, as more people interested in unboxing more will be price, following that $50 dollar expected after 2021.


Blind Boxes or all in one platform to earn collectible or digital asset or NFTs and more. Blind Boxes is not just NFT marketplace but it will empower new artist who not getting enough appreciation or worth for their work. As, many new artists not having good platform that allow them connect with real collector or user and also purchased their work from their portfolio. So, Blind Boxes has great concept with all community that include buyer, seller, creator and curator will share rewards for their work. As in the growing world of digital collectible and NFT Blind boxes with more surprises for user definitely become on of the biggest NFT platform in upcoming years. In the roadmap blind boxes expanding with multiple DeFi network including BSC, Polkadot and more.

Blind Boxes Rating