Ethernity chain (ERN) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Ethernity Chain?

Ethernity Chain is NFT based blockchain project coming from experience and long-standing investor Nick Rose Ntertas. Ethernity Chain aim create platform that will be pioneer in creating digital arts with non-fungible token i.e., NFTs. Platform will be focusing on different industry including blockchain, music, entertainment, sports and more. in order to give real experience NFT art gets approval with digital signature.

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Ethernity introduced community oriented with main focus on producing limited edition digital art, NFTs and trading cards. All this digital art will be created by user favourite artist and it will be endorsed by notable figures. As along with focusing on NFT creation platform will be doing charity work for needy people, as this strategy will be benefits for NFT collector and charities. Ethernity will simply allow artist to create digital artwork following that it will be authenticated by icon and limited artwork will be available in auction. action winner will mint NFTs and some amount from auction will be distributed to charity. Once user received NFT they can put the collectibles for auction as per their choice.

Ethernity uses Ethereum network with decentralized approach following success of first NFT project Cryptokittes. In short, this platform will definitely increase collectability and also create A-NFT library.

Ethernity chain Price Prediction

Month & YearERN Price Prediction
August 2021$12.6209
September 2021$23.4280
October 2021$26.4509
November 2021$28.4158
December 2021$32.4968
January 2022$43.6818
February 2022$47.0826
March 2022$71.7953
April 2022$84.6429
May 2022$99.0020
June 2022$92.2003
July 2022$114.8726
August 2022$123.1857
September 2022$137.5448
October 2022$109.5824
November 2022$130.7431
December 2022$154.9268
March 2023$138.3005
June 2023$147.3694
September 2023$166.2629
January 2025$340.8390
March 2025$311.3651
May 2025$334.0373
July 2025$295.4945
September 2025$342.3504
October 2025$353.6865
Decemeber 2025$371.8243
January 2030$659.0057
March 2030$698.3042
May 2030$758.7634
July 2030$787.4816
September 2030$727.0223
December 2030$812.4210

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Ethernity Chain Overview

Project nameEthernity Chain
Ticker SymbolERN
Total Supply30,000,000
Based onNFT
Launched year2020
All-time high$41 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap, Gate, Bilaxy, 1inch Exchnage.

ERN ICO Overview

Platform usedPolkastarter IDO
Raised by$275,000 USD
Date of ICO8th march 2021
ICO Price$0.28 USD
PartnersBosslogic, Terra Virtua

ERN Price Analysis

Ethernity Chain ecosystem will be backed and operated via ERN Token. as ERN Staking will aspect of this project as staker going to farm unique NFT edition for that they will be getting rewards. Community will be providing liquidity to ern pool. ERN token holder will be participating in ethernity ecosystem governance voting for future proposal and development. ERN token sale held on Polkastarter platform with IDO i.e., initial DEX offering. in IDO ERN Token was sold at price $0.28 USD then it listed on Uniswap with opening price $3.01 USD. ERN has lower supply as demand continues to increase in the wave of NFT, as more people wanted to earn NFT, so prices of ERN token keeps on increasing. As of writing ERN about to reach $50 USD mark and considering opening price it already achieves 12x ROI for after listing investor and for IDO investor already earned 150x returns.

Ethernity Chain Price Prediction


Will ERN Reach $100?

Probably yes, as NFT gaining huge attention from fans and artist.

Is Ethernity a Good Investment?

Farming ERN token not only gives great rewards but also it creates opportunity to hold or farm NFTs.


NFT, Digital Arts and Digital asset it next biggest thing possibly breaking all record in its worth. Now NFT becomes new trend in market, as top businessmen like Elon Musk who recently auction NFT with twitter post. Everyone joining NFT party and considering that Ethernity will be going be huge project in upcoming months. Ethernity recently auction remembering legend Muhammad Ali NFT and Tony Hawk also going to auction Ollie 540. As per the report ethernity already surpass opensea NFT marketplace platform. as looking at market cap which keeps on growing, as more investor holding or staking token for long term. So, in future value of ERN token will keeps on increasing and in NFT project list probably Ethernity may become most valuable project.

Ethernity Chain Rating