Xswap (XSP) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Xswap?

Xfinance ecosystem launched their main project i.e. Xswap that again based on automated market maker leverage exchange. Xswap launched with fair version that means Xswap utility token 100% supply will be distributed to the community. Xswap introduced fully decentralized nature where there will be no team, pre-mine or investor shares. Xswap launches official app that will let user earn XSP native token by staking Uniswap LP Token.

In development goal mentioned on official portal, Xswap majorly pushed on Xfinance aim to bring highest APY return. Staking in XSwap user will get rewarded in XSP Token that include 0.05% transaction, liquidity provider will get 0.20% transaction fees. however, to buyback and burn XSP token around 0.05% fees will be used. As of writing, platform available for yield farming and it currently supported Metamask and WalletConnect.

Xfinance aim to create next generation decentralized Finance DeFi with aggregated yield Farming. However, Xfinance ecosystem has governed by XFI Token that used for Rewards, Governance voting and staking. initially Xswap will provide 10k XSP rewards for first 100k Blocks and then rewards reduced to 1K XSP rewards.

XSwap Price Prediction

Month & YearXSP Price Prediction
November 2020$0.0006
December 2020$0.0009
January 2021$0.0011
February 2021$0.0013
March 2021$0.0014
April 2021$0.0015
May 2021$0.0014
June 2021$0.0016
July 2021$0.0017
August 2021$0.0016
September 2021$0.0018
October 2021$0.0020
November 2021$0.0021
December 2021$0.0020
January 2022$0.0022
February 2022$0.0022
March 2022$0.0020
April 2022$0.0024
May 2022$0.0025
June 2022$0.0025
July 2022$0.0024
August 2022$0.0025
September 2022$0.0027
October 2022$0.0028
November 2022$0.0030
December 2022$0.0028
January 2025$0.0029
March 2025$0.0031
May 2025$0.0032
July 2025$0.0048
October 2025$0.0047
Decemeber 2025$0.0049
January 2030$0.0054
March 2030$0.0079
May 2030$0.0080
July 2030$0.0079
October 2030$0.0080
December 2030$0.0084

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Xswap Overview

Project nameXswap
Ticker SymbolXSP
Total Supply3,000,000,000
Official websiteXswap.app
Based onDeFi Yield Farming
Launched year2020
All-time high$0.0035 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap
WalletMetamask, WalletConnect
XSwap Price Prediction

Xswap Price Analysis

XSwap token was launched yesterday on 21st September 2020 and available to farm at well-known swapping platform i.e. UniSwap. Initial price of 1 XSwap token was $0.0042 USD and within 2 hours it reached $0.0062 USD value.

A day later value of 1 XSP token is continuously falling and reached a 24 Hr/All-Time low value that is $0.0029 USD. So, if we calculate ROI of a day for XSP coin then it is in negative and around -35%. Best thing about such low value cryptocurrencies like XSwap token is, slight change in their price could result in a huge profit or loss within a short span.

XSwap and USDT club currently provider 70646% APY and this may be the highest recorded APY for Staking token. Xswap provides more token with different pair, currently it is more than 5000 ETH worth deposited on platform and expected XSP value may go up in coming week. as per the market data on CoinMarketCap Xswap current worth $0.0033 USD and dropped by 18%.


Is XSwap a Good Investment?

Similar like other DeFi Project this project may skyrocket to moon.


Uniswap after launching their official Token i.e. UNI immediately grabs attention from investor. In recent few month DeFi Yield Farming is most favourite and popular thing in Blockchain market. Xfinance focusing on highest revenue to Liquidity provider and stakers along with maintaining security of User. Xswap Farm aim to cross 20000% APY in farming and if that really turn in reality then Xswap will sees huge growth in market volume and tops in Uniswap Trade list.

Xswap Rating