Flow Token (Dapper Labs) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Flow?

Flow is most innovative blockchain platform that built to empower existing and upcoming games, apps and different digital coins. Flow aim to provide speed, decentralization and developer friendly properties to the real-world users. Flow utilize different multi-role infrastructure that can have scalability with maintaining higher throughput without use of Sharding.

Project approach towards developed that help them to build blockchain enabled business integration. Flow wanted to provide full control on own data and crypto asset made available on open market that can be accessible for anyone. Flow proposed new idea of eliminating Sharding, as sidechain still having issues as Flow stated that it saddles hardest part of scaling, as network wanted solve scalability problem at protocol level.

The idea of Flow is simple as they proposed multi-node architecture that follow traditional blockchain where all transaction perform on the chain. so, flow with this new infrastructure will execute high number of transactions in low cost with share execution mechanism. so, Flow will not compromise decentralization in order to obtained scalability. instead of solving problem at developer level network will make changes in protocol that will fix problem permanently. Flow has introduced cadence based on highly level resource-oriented programming language.

Flow Token Price Prediction

Month & YearFLOW Price Prediction
April 2021$37.96
May 2021$45.23
June 2021$50.46
July 2021$53.41
August 2021$57.50
September 2021$42.73
October 2021$50.46
November 2021$55.46
December 2021$65.69
January 2022$67.05
February 2022$73.19
March 2022$78.19
April 2022$75.69
May 2022$88.19
June 2022$80.69
July 2022$89.78
August 2022$83.19
September 2022$88.64
October 2022$83.64
November 2022$90.69
December 2022$85.69
January 2025$89.78
March 2025$345.94
April 2025$360.94
May 2025$350.94
July 2025$363.44
September 2025$366.16
October 2025$360.94
Decemeber 2025$355.94
January 2030$364.12
February 2030$696.64
March 2030$686.87
April 2030$701.87
May 2030$709.60
July 2030$717.10
September 2030$704.14
October 2030$714.60
December 2030$724.60

Flow Network Overview

Project nameFlow Network
Ticker SymbolFlow
Total Supply1,250,000,000
Official websiteOnflow.org
Based onGaming, Apps
Launched year2020
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformKraken
WalletOwn Wallet

FLOW Coin ICO Overview

Platform usedOwn Blockchain
Raised by$19,500,000 USD
Date of ICO16 October 2020
ICO Price$0.1 USD
PartnersUFC, Ubisoft, Sumo Digital, Drr.Seuss, Top Shot, OpenSea, MotoFP, Cryptokitties, NBA, nWay, Staked, Samssung, Ankr, T System, DSRV, Finoa, Figment Network, Cdot Network, Cargo, cirvle, B-SIDE Games.

Flow Token Price analysis

Flow Dapper Labs Coin listed on Kraken Platform, as official portal not yet provide update about listing on other platform. Flow has crossed $10 USD mark that means investor who invested in ICO sale at price $0.1 USD already gained 9900% ROI. as of now project already cross $100 million worth and enter into top 100 top crypto project list. in coming week flow will be looking to added on top trading platform that can help to increase its market volume and price also.

Flow Token will be native token for Flow Network, as its widely used for staking on network. as flow Token has divided into multiple character transform into digital current for games, application and other digital assets. However, staking with token will provide security to investment and it will also provide security to network with validator nodes. However, every small process or any payment related query will be completed through Flow token as it includes creating of user account, storage and smart contracts. User can spend their token for computation and validation services, medium of exchange, data storage, collateral for second token. Flow also follow governance model that allow voting for community, that means future will be decided by token holder itself.

Flow and The Graph recently completed ICO following that the Graph listed with average price of $0.18 USD on day one and flow expected debut probably more than $1 USD worth. Flow Token will be auctioned on CoinList trading platform, as Token auction price opening at $1 USD and reserve price was $0.10 USD. Token sale completed in 2 stage that are hosted by coinlist only. However, community referral program also offering 500 flow tokens for successful referral.

Flow Price Prediction


How much FLOW Token Worth in 2025?

Probably crossing $50 USD mark.

Is Flow Token a Good Investment?

Yes, long term investment will be recommended, as try to buy immediately after listing.


Flow the project that can gained attention from investor and blockchain developer. Project backed by strong team of successful blockchain developer team that include co-founder and founder of CryptoKitties along with Flow and NBA Top Shot. However, NBA champions quoted about revolution of Blockchain, as NBA top shot was one the best project that gives best user-friendly experience to users. as we mentioned highly experience team that increasing adoption of blockchain with practical theory. So, it’s all about providing real value to product with connection of consumer, developer and products.

Flow Rating