Reddcoin (RDD) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030 Future Forecast

What is Reddcoin?

Reddcoin recently upgrade PoSV to version 2 to improve mining algorithm of network using Proof of Stake and following this Reddcoin again started showing some decent growth in price, as most of people who knows cryptocurrency since beginning of its hype know about Reddcoin because during breakout year i.e. 2017 this coin was showing growth rate over 800% in less than one week with rapid increasing number of transactions.

Initially Reddcoin was launched to make micro-payment faster to approve with charging lower transaction fees as due to having low price equal to buy 1 coin which was really matter at beginning of cryptocurrency was new to the world, which was replace by Ripple currently rebranded as XRP and then fall begin.

Reddcoin is based on social media monetizing in which it pays to content creator in order to give fast content to reader and also paying writer with RDD coin, as currently there are many big cryptocurrency including Tron, Steemit who gaining decent market cap value but also there is less response as comparing to early days, so may be the new competition of same platform is increasing or people are more attracting towards creating their own blog to have more profit, as many of them know if we used pre-built platform they gets their margin.

Reddcoin Price Prediction

Month & YearRDD Price Prediction
September 2020$0.0014
October 2020$0.0016
November 2020$0.0015
December 2020$0.0016
January 2021$0.0019
February 2021$0.0020
March 2021$0.0017
April 2021$0.0021
May 2021$0.0022
June 2021$0.0024
July 2021$0.0020
August 2021$0.0024
September 2021$0.0028
October 2021$0.0030
November 2021$0.0027
December 2021$0.0034
January 2022$0.0038
February 2022$0.0043
March 2022$0.0046
April 2022$0.0043
May 2022$0.0049
June 2022$0.0047
July 2022$0.0030
August 2022$0.0031
September 2022$0.0033
October 2022$0.0035
November 2022$0.0036
December 2022$0.0037
January 2025$0.0101
April 2025$0.0100
July 2025$0.0105
October 2025$0.0121
Decemeber 2025$0.0112
January 2030$0.0169
April 2030$0.0181
July 2030$0.0175
October 2030$0.0179
December 2030$0.0194

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Reddcoin Overview

Project nameReddcoin
Ticker SymbolRDD
Total Supply28,808,713,174
Based onPOSV Algorithm
Launched year2014
All-time high$0.032391 USD
Exchange PlatformBittrex, VCC Exchange, Bitvavo, Yobit, Crex24,, Altilly, C-Patex.
WalletReddcoin Core Wallet, Guarda Wallet.

RDD ICO Overview

Platform usedNA
Raised by Na
Date of ICONa
ICO PriceNa

 Since end of 2019 Reddcoin was started losing momentum and no dropped from top 100 cryptocurrency list, one of the most possible reason behind this might be Litecoin, as Reddcoin is hard fork version of Litecoin which was launched in 2014, but due to facing back to back problem in the network, Litecoin was dropping its market cap value which result it also loses ranking and currently holding 7th position, so similarly Reddcoin was holding ranking in range of 50th to 60th position also dropped to below the list of top 100 cryptocurrency.

RDD starts new year with price $0.00070 USD and then with 72% growth rate it reaches to $0.0012 USD in February 2020 this is highest price of 2020 so far, as again in April 2020 Reddcoin was showing some recovery with price but still this price fluctuation still best for attention point of view, but if we compare Reddcoin  with top cryptocurrency they need to focus on other aspects because mining is not popular right now which was it used to be back in 2017, so right now most company trying to bring product with Blockchain in which emerging specific product with Blockchain security is more beneficial and getting more response than other cryptocurrency, as if Litecoin is still left something in it and have to done some wonder in 2020 then Reddcoin might re-enter into top 100 list and will gain decent transaction over time.

Reddcoin Price Prediction

Reddcoin having all-time highest record of price $0.032391 USD which is possible again in end of 2021 or may be beginning of 2022 and that might help to get decent ranking boost as well, as Reddcoin is still having ROI over 2300%, as currently they become partner with Rypplzz Inc. to bring unique interlife tech, precise micro-location technology and other tech also launching soon, as Reddcoin in return going to provide blockchain solution and also providing payment gateway in which transaction fees almost equal to zero for any transaction and recently in march 2020 they become partner with Forging Block to allow Reddcoin payment of their e-commerce plugin for payment, so currently with the help of partnership and system update they gaining growth in market cap and price too, so they need to repeat this until they will reach into getting consistent number of registered user into market.

as new update is also taking care of transaction speed approval time which is faster than bitcoin and after that they also gets compared with Dogecoin and Steemit, as along with system they hired new team member in core and also in marketing, as there is always lack of marketing in Reddcoin and slow update was responsible of dropping market cap value, so with the new team they may find some new trick to shine again and bring back glory which was they set in 2017 year.


  1. How Much RDD worth in 2025?

Ans: huge chances of crossing $1.5 USD.

  • Will Reddcoin Reach $10 USD?

Ans: Yes, Probably in 2030 or 2031.

  • Will Reddcoin Makes Comeback in Top 100 Crypto List?

Ans: Maybe Yes.


Reddcoin was reported as scam initially but that was attacked by hackers, where thousand of RDD Token stolen. Reddcoin currently under updation of PoSV V2 Staking Algorithm to approve staking program in the network.

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