NIX Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is NIX?

NIX was announced in 2018 after the partnership with Blocknet, on first sight NIX wanted enable collaboration with communities and project. However, project also integrated to develop DEX API with Blocknet. As initially NIX Blockchain was based on Proof of Work Mechanism and later in September 2018 they switch to Proof of Stake consensus. so, basically NIX providing resource to bring independence in social, economic and global structure.

NIX now stands to provide total privacy to the Blockchain and also called as next generation privacy digital currency. however, it ensures total security for financial, personal data and social content. NIX Blockchain enable interoperability that crate bridge between different blockchain that also help create ideal ecosystem. NIX Protocol built of multi-layer structure that established connection between of dApps and blockchain channel.

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Blockchain has created their own privacy library called as Ghost Protocol that uses zerocoin privacy proof. Ghost protocol has swap infrastructure that help user to do private transaction with different chains via NIX platform. NIX Ghost Vault will provide one-way privacy to sender and receiver that will help user to hide their coins from the chain.

NIX Price Prediction

Month & YearNIX Price Prediction
June 2021$0.5837
July 2021$1.0835
August 2021$1.2233
September 2021$1.3142
October 2021$1.5030
November 2021$2.0202
December 2021$2.1775
January 2022$3.3205
February 2022$3.9147
March 2022$4.5788
April 2022$4.2642
May 2022$5.3128
June 2022$5.6972
July 2022$6.3613
August 2022$5.0681
September 2022$6.0468
October 2022$7.1652
November 2022$6.3963
December 2022$6.8157
July 2023$7.6895
January 2025$15.7635
March 2025$14.4004
May 2025$15.4489
July 2025$13.6664
September 2025$15.8334
October 2025$16.3577
Decemeber 2025$17.1966
January 2030$30.4784
March 2030$32.2960
May 2030$35.0921
July 2030$36.4203
September 2030$33.6242
December 2030$37.5738

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NIX Overview

Project nameNIX
Ticker SymbolNIX
Total Supply43,245,163
Based onPrivate Blockchain
Launched year2018
All-time high$0.77 USD
Exchange PlatformMercatox, Kucoin
WalletNIX UI Wallet

NIX ICO Overview

Platform usedNA
Raised byNA
Date of ICONA
PartnersChainzilla, Instaswap
NIX Price Prediction

NIX Price Analysis

Staking with NIX platform is easier than other traditional staking, because it uses Leasing Proof of Stake, where will earn rewards by holding NIX coin on wallet. So, coins will be in user controls and there is node need to leave your computer. NIX gaining rapid number of new users because of staking and privacy in transaction. however, since its listing it keeps fluctuating, as in July 2020 NIX is very close to break previous 2020’s best average price by crossing $0.11 USD mark. now considering future, NIX will end up by crossing $0.30 USD mark till end of year.


Will NIX hit $1 USD?

Yes, if it continues follow bullish trend then possible in 2021.

How much NIX will be worth in 5 years?

Expected to worth more than $3 USD

How Much NIX Worth in 2030?

In 2030, NIX may cross $7 USD mark.

Is NIX a Good Investment?

Yes, long term HODL Recommended.


Platform enable combination of Atomic swap with privacy using Ghost protocol user can easily transfer asset anonymously and every transaction will be untraceable. The platform bridging with another Decentralized Exchange that unlock more token to be transfer and swapped into other. so, basically on privacy feature and other dapps building support this project still have potential.

NIX Rating