Beldex (BDX) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is Beldex?

Beldex Coin is developed on advanced hybrid digital decentralized technology with having higher liquidity and private transaction, launched in July 2019. Beldex is first cryptocurrency exchange platform to follow Shariah complaint exchange platform.

Shariah follow law of muslim region, in which they block project related to Gambling, Alcohol, tobacco, unreasonably higher interest provider, untheatrical service, financial pyramids. To idea of bringing this concept into Blockchain market to bring privacy coin that can help user to keep away from frauds and illegal business in the market.

The project of Sharia officially certified by Bahrain Central bank, founded in Estonia country. Right now, BDX can be mined using PoW and soon they will be moved to Proof of Stake. Beldex Blockchain is also called as fork of Monero and also integrated PrivateSend privacy protocol from Dash, as to improve privacy feature like ViewKey took from ZEC. Network also developing own configurable privacy technology.

Beldex Price Prediction

Month & YearBDX Price Prediction
September 2020$0.0524
October 2020$0.0611
November 2020$0.0568
December 2020$0.0601
January 2021$0.0697
February 2021$0.0741
March 2021$0.0635
April 2021$0.0803
May 2021$0.0832
June 2021$0.0899
July 2021$0.0750
August 2021$0.0909
September 2021$0.1063
October 2021$0.1116
November 2021$0.1024
December 2021$0.1284
January 2022$0.1409
February 2022$0.1606
March 2022$0.1746
April 2022$0.1621
May 2022$0.1852
June 2022$0.1775
July 2022$0.1116
August 2022$0.1150
September 2022$0.1231
October 2022$0.1323
November 2022$0.1337
December 2022$0.1380
January 2025$0.3795
April 2025$0.3742
July 2025$0.3958
October 2025$0.4536
Decemeber 2025$0.4204
January 2030$0.6368
April 2030$0.6791
July 2030$0.6584
October 2030$0.6724
December 2030$0.7272

Beldex Overview

Project nameBeldex
Ticker symbolBDX coin
BlockchainHard fork of Monero Blockchain
Total Supply1,400,222,610 BDX
Launched in2019
All-time best$0.17 USD
Trading ExchangeBeldex Dex, BTC Alpha, IDCM, STEX.

Beldex ICO Overview

Platform usedNA
Raised byNA
Date of ICO15h august 2018
ICO Price$0.25 USD

Beldex Exchange

Exchange platform gives us number of Reason to HODL BDX crypto, because in core advantages they use untraceable roots and conditional transaction. In the trading department it offers discount on exchanges fees, on-chain voting freedom, access to market, larger commission for referral program, premiere access to new products, purchase of goods and services on network and influence innovation.

The report claims Beldex has more focusing on Islamic trader all over world, as they Shirah already followed by over 1.8 billion fans and four of digital asset having 200$ million market cap value. On the exchange platform 6 coins available trading including BDX, which can be directly trade from BTC or using USDT. The used different Muslim terms to describe Bitcoin, as most of the time religion sees Bitcoin has Halal (Lawful) which beneficial to Muslim finance.  This concept brings by Dr. Ziyaad Mahomed to have more involvement in education of Islamic finance, and they also said cryptocurrency deserve recognition and has to be legal form of currency.

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Beldex Technical fundamentals

Beldex uses Monero source code, as we know monero is having better CryptoNote Protocol, which uses RingCt, Stealth addresses and ring Signatures. the network functionality and scalability is enabled by master nodes, as master nodes enable block reward from each block in which you can earn over 123 BDX coin on daily basis and yearly 46K BDX coin offer as Block Rewards.

Listing Success.

Beldex currently spreading its wigs in different Asian countries including hong kong, Singapure and Malaysia, as they are currently listed on different other exchange platform including BTC Aplha and STEX. It having total market cap of $47 Million USD worth and as of today it 223th biggest digital currency.

Beldex Price Prediction

Beldex Coin Price Analysis

In January 2020, Beldex coin about to reset its all-time best price but just short to reaching, as since then price starts dipping. Beldex ROI still in the negative mark, as $0.067 is most maintained price in all time price graph. $0.11 is figure of 2020, as there are very less chances of regaining this figure till Q4 2020, as most possible time Beldex can pull off this figure again will be in December 2020, as before that they have to show achieved their average figure, so comparing with today price i.e. $0.048 USD then expected growth required will be equal to 40. In march 2020 Beldex going bullish, as in just 5 days it is hiked by 23%, where prices changed from $0.039 USD to 0.048 USD.

CEO Kim Hallend in recent interview announces to bring some new major coins in the market, as if they follow their law and bring some utility Cryptos on platform with allowing BDX direct exchange with them and provide promised bonus and reward. They need to follow their roadmap and that will help them grow in future and may find place in top 200 coin sorted by market cap.


Can Beldex Reach $1 USD?

Probably after 2027.

How Much Beldex Worth in 2030?

Probably crossing $1.5 USD mark.

Is Beldex a Good Investment?

Yes, Beldex is community-based Exchange portal that has fixed number of users.


More than 10 projects already join beldex program and more will be added soon, as because of this exchange portal follow rules and check frauds stats for specific crypto project before adding them on portal that increase safety for user and investor. so, adding crypto on Beldex platform is difficult because they are having list of rules that every project has to follow compulsory.

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