Harmony One Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030 Forecast Till $1

What is Harmony?

Harmony preparing to create Ethereum 2.0 version with vision to creating more secure network, so attacks from hacker will makes less impact on the system. For this Harmony is first cryptocurrency who created main network with sharding and staking with new Effective Proof of Stake (EPoS). As proposed system will implement changes, cross-sharding and state sharding, after that if problem found in system then it will resharding against attack.

explaining in simple words, harmony wanted to create more secured, decentralized and scalability enabled trilemma at same time which is not done before by any other cryptocurrencies, and if this comes into reality then vision of creating more advanced and secure network will be true innovation of Blockchain Engineering.

Recently Harmony One made Two major announcements, i.e. listing on WazirX platform with reward up to $3000+ USD worth for top trader and also giving away staking reward of 500,000 One Coin for top performer, to challenged hackers Harmony is conducted this contest and with offering free 100K One Coin in testnet and that will be converted into mainnet after you winning staking or able to hack testnet.

Harmony One Price Prediction

Month & YearONE Price Prediction
September 2020$0.0099
October 2020$0.0115
November 2020$0.0107
December 2020$0.0113
January 2021$0.0131
February 2021$0.0140
March 2021$0.0120
April 2021$0.0151
May 2021$0.0157
June 2021$0.0170
July 2021$0.0141
August 2021$0.0171
September 2021$0.0200
October 2021$0.0210
November 2021$0.0193
December 2021$0.0242
January 2022$0.0266
February 2022$0.0303
March 2022$0.0329
April 2022$0.0305
May 2022$0.0349
June 2022$0.0334
July 2022$0.0210
August 2022$0.0217
September 2022$0.0232
October 2022$0.0249
November 2022$0.0252
December 2022$0.0260
January 2025$0.0715
April 2025$0.0705
July 2025$0.0746
October 2025$0.0855
Decemeber 2025$0.0792
January 2030$0.1200
April 2030$0.1280
July 2030$0.1241
October 2030$0.1267
December 2030$0.1371

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Harmony Overview

Project NameHarmony
Ticker SymbolOne
Total Supply12,600,000,000 ONE
Official websiteHarmony.one
TechnologyStaking and Sharding based PoS Blockchain
Based onData sharing and marketplace founding
Year of Launch2018
Listed on coinmarketcap.comJune 2019
Trading PlatformMXC, Binance, Bitmax, Bilaxy, Huobi Global, WazirX, Kucoin, HitBTC.
WalletTrust Wallet, Ledger, Math Wallet, Guarda Wallet
Note: Mentioned data updated following changes.

Harmony ICO Overview

Platform usedHarmony Blockchain
Raised by$23,000,000 USD
Date of ICO27 may 2019
ICO Price$0.0038 USD
PartnersBlockdaemon, Stake.fish, figment network, Animoca Brands, Quidd, Lympo, Lemniscoap, Anmi OBCD, Hashkey, Hyperion, Threefold, Suterusu, Ankr.

Harmony Price analysis

WazirX listing big news for traders because it is India’s biggest trading platform, currently working under Binance Trading platform, and this leads to sudden spike in price with over 20% price change in 42 hours, in which $62 Million worth Volume added in less last 24 hours reported on 22nd April 2020. So, after this growth Harmony keep growing with steady market cap addition, and what will be the future price prediction for Harmony, let’s find out below.

In April 2020 Harmony changed its network with more focus on sharding and staking and it already changed momentum in prices, this project was in market as start-up then later after fundraising  of nearly $18 Million worth in April 2019, after being part of IEO on the Binance platform, in that time there main focus on creating data sharing and launching marketplaces fungible token including assets to get more transaction into system. Following success in IEO then it was listed in June 2019 with price $0.0021 USD and with little with of hiked over 33% then it was continuous dropping with consistent rate, as during new year hyped where all cryptocurrencies experience the growth in market, in which Harmony has shown price change rate over 50%.

Looking at overall performance of Harmony one is not that much impressive and most of investor not looking at this cryptocurrency for long-term run, as currently after having $68 Million worth capitalization value growth in one day, this cryptocurrency is trending in google trends and twitter and if some of you able to trade harmony one at price $0.0020 USD, and if it manages to reach $0.010 USD somewhere in ending on 2021 then maximum ROI you will get will be more than 350%, means if you invest $100 USD in 2020 and sell at price $0.01 USD you investment will converted into $350 USD. So basically, and still this is good deal for now.

Harmony aiming to eliminate use Blockchain slower transaction rate without losing any security, and for that they using PoS Consensus and linear Scalable BFT algorithm, just like IOTA, EOS and other cryptocurrencies did in early 2018, as result Harmony was able to delivered 100k transaction per second in testnet and now they still improving the system. so as per analysis of many top crypto predictor this coin will be having blast in upcoming months and soon to enter into top 100 cryptocurrency, where it will be having average more than$2 Million worth per day market cap addition.

Will Harmony One Cross $1 USD?

Yes, probably in 2025 or beginning of 2026.

How Much Harmony worth in 2030?

$3 to $4 USD.

When Will Harmony Will Cross $5 USD?

somewhere in 2033.

is Harmony a Good Investment?



The platform that already acquired future upgradation of Ethereum project and solved common blockchain problems like Scalability, security with decentralized network. it aim to provide consensus to 10 billion project by charging less fees and having low latency and higher throughput.

Harmony One Rating

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