Beowulf (BWF) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Beowulf?

Beowulf with slogan connect people with people following that Beowulf said to be decentralized cloud network for communication services. Beowulf will not be controlled by any central entity it will be driven by community i.e. people by themselves. Beowulf leverage different computers around the globe of millions of millions of peoples to power global communication network using blockchain technology. under communication services Beowulf enable voice, video, messages, conference room on business application without any barriers.

Beowulf aim to empower world and help them to turn into better and smarter lives with effective communication services. platform looking forward to empower complex subject that include doctor, school, businesses, online traders, medicine, biology, farmer, travel to improve quality in their life and services with communication. Beowulf wanted to support businesses with multiple solution and help to connect with audience and maintaining transparency to achieve low cost with pay per use rate.

In simple words Beowulf will combine blockchain power with supercomputer power for communication. however, using platform user can earn rewards with their computer for working as miners. To become network miner user do not need to buy any hardware or investment, user need to share computing power for that they need to download official software. Beowulf SDK will be key feature that help user to developer business application, as this SDK are easy integrate, scale business with different platform and has better customer engagement.

Beowulf Price Prediction

Month & YearBWF Price Prediction
November 2020$0.0261
December 2020$0.0384
January 2021$0.0489
February 2021$0.0573
March 2021$0.0592
April 2021$0.0656
May 2021$0.0609
June 2021$0.0707
July 2021$0.0733
August 2021$0.0685
September 2021$0.0783
October 2021$0.0837
November 2021$0.0894
December 2021$0.0844
January 2022$0.0923
February 2022$0.0954
March 2022$0.0879
April 2022$0.1011
May 2022$0.1055
June 2022$0.1091
July 2022$0.1028
August 2022$0.1088
September 2022$0.1145
October 2022$0.1182
November 2022$0.1277
December 2022$0.1193
January 2025$0.1260
March 2025$0.1339
May 2025$0.1393
July 2025$0.2040
October 2025$0.2022
Decemeber 2025$0.2099
January 2030$0.2305
March 2030$0.3388
May 2030$0.3453
July 2030$0.3379
October 2030$0.3429
December 2030$0.3624

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Beowulf Overview

Project nameBeowulf
Ticker SymbolBWF
Total Supply3,000,000,000
Based onCommunication
Launched year2020
All-time high$0.032 USD
Exchange PlatformBittrex
WalletOwn Wallet
PartnerVietnam National University, MD24 House Call, Vietnam Hospital, Xelex, AIA Vietnam, Mai Linh, National Taiwan Normal University, Medical Genetics Institute, Coinplug, Fulbright, Starlive, FHL Games.
Beowulf Price Prediction

BWF Price analysis

Beowulf follow two-layer structure in that enable blockchain based payment solution for business. In payment solution BWF is native token for sustainable and transparent marketplace for services. However, Beowulf relies on delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism and it also allow user to become supernode to maintain ecosystem. as to become supernodes user need to hold at least 3,000,000 coin on their account. As of writing today, BWF is now available on Bittrex for trading, as per the report of CMC trade open with average price $0.023 USD. BWF in last 72 hours surged by 30% and according manual prediction it may reach $0.10 USD in 2021 year.


Will BWF reach $1 USD?

Probably after 2025.

Is Beowulf a Good Investment?

Always remember Do your own research before you invest.


Beowulf having great run after blockchain integration it already established partnership with institution and corporation to deploy advance technology. Beowulf providing customized communication services that compatible with multiple platforms like iOS, window, Android and more. the platform will help different business and add value by serving million of users. Beowulf expected to end up reaching into top 100 blockchain project very soon and its market volume keeps on growing.

Beowulf Rating