BitShares (BTS) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is BitShares?

BitShares is one of the key projects that back blockchain industry which was established in 2014 with name BitShares X. project was developed by Dan Larimer who is key member and co-founder of project like Stemmit, EOS and cryptonomex. BitShares Blockchain innovated via C++ programming language implementation and it based on Graphene layer. However, Graphene is integrated with some of biggest project such as peerplays and Stemmit.

BitShares is first ever decentralized autonomous network that enable governance ecosystem via for those who holding native token. BTS is governance token that let holder to decide future direction and development via voting. The platform aims to implemented industrial decentralized platform by helping them to build high performance smart contract.

The platform focusing to bring business owner, investor, developer and entrepreneurs to serve free market solution using decentralized consensus. BitShares passively relies on Consensus technology that aggregate real-world knowledge to coordinate productive and worthful use.

Network based on Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) Consensus algorithm and current most of Decentralized Exchange uses Bitshares to empower their product. Basically, Bitshares wanted utilize distributed consensus to build high performance, more efficient and user-friendly payment network for real world.

Bitshares Price Prediction

Month & YearBTS Price Prediction
November 2020$0.0265
December 2020$0.0309
January 2021$0.0287
February 2021$0.0304
March 2021$0.0353
April 2021$0.0375
May 2021$0.0321
June 2021$0.0406
July 2021$0.0421
August 2021$0.0455
September 2021$0.0380
October 2021$0.0460
November 2021$0.0538
December 2021$0.0565
January 2022$0.0518
February 2022$0.0650
March 2022$0.0713
April 2022$0.0813
May 2022$0.0884
June 2022$0.0820
July 2022$0.0937
August 2022$0.0898
September 2022$0.0565
October 2022$0.0582
November 2022$0.0623
December 2022$0.0669
January 2025$0.0677
March 2025$0.0699
May 2025$0.1920
July 2025$0.1894
October 2025$0.2003
Decemeber 2025$0.2295
January 2030$0.2127
March 2030$0.3223
May 2030$0.3437
July 2030$0.3332
October 2030$0.3403
December 2030$0.3680

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BitShares Overview

Project nameBitShares
Ticker SymbolBTS
Total Supply3,600,570,502
Based onDPoS
Launched year2014
All-time high$0.91 USD
Exchange, Binance, Huobi Global, Indodax,, HitBTC, MXC, LBank, Livecoin, VCC Exchange, CoinEx, CoinDCX, Poloniex, RuDEX.
WalletMetamask, Ledger, Trust Wallet, BitShares Wallet.

BTS ICO Overview

Platform usedNA
Raised byNA
Date of ICONA
PartnersBanx Capital, University of Nicosia, Nuclear Bunker Data center,

BitShares Price Analysis

BitShares was launched in cryptocurrency market around 6 years ago in the month of July 2014 with initial offering price of $0.013 USD. Within period of a month, BTS showed strong bullish nature and reached price of $0.034 USD. Which was more than twice of its initial price. But soon after 2 months BitShares went into bearish mode and price of 1 BTS started dropping drastically and reach bottom of around $0.002 USD which 1/6th of its initial price and 1/17th of all time high in between July 2014 to October 2014.   

BitShares Price Prediction

After that it took around 3 more years and in June 2017, value of 1 BTS reached around $0.3 USD which was highest price till that time. And later during so called honeymoon period of cryptocurrencies that is January 2018, price of 1 BitShares reached $0.8 USD which was huge if we compared it with its initial price of $0.013 USD. Later as we all know many countries had put ban on crypto, so all crypto price dropped down dramatically and BTS was not an exception for this case. Drop was so deep that it reached around $0.008 USD which is 1/100th of all time high(0.8USD in January 2018) of all time.

In last few days, BTS has again show some bullish nature like other cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH. Currently in September 2020, price of 1 BTS is lying in between $0.05 USD to $0.06 USD.

BTS secure market volume from DEX and that’s could be the reason why they are consistent with daily volume. however, Q2 and Q3 2020 so far is in favour on Bitshares and in future it definitely helps project to remain under top 100 crypto project.  


Will BTS Can Reach $1 USD?

Yes, that looks tough in upcoming 1 to 2 year but it could possible in 4 to 5 year from now.

Is BitShares a Good Investment?

Yes, it probably empowers the DEX that’s currently one of most growing innovation in the blockchain market.


DPoS was firstly used or implemented by BitShares and it is one of key factor in decentralized network like DEX, dApps and DeFi. It Project itself massive pushing decentralized adaptation in blockchain industry, where community will be the governance. The project team create more positive impact because founding member also part of Microsoft Azure Blockchain. BitShares is distributed and autonomous and it provide open source software that distributed to stakeholder. The Software also implemented with Stock and user who buy stock will become stockholder. BitShares will always have benefit for having governance ecosystem.

BitShares Rating