bZx Protocol (BZRX) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is bZx Protocol?

bZx is claimed to be one of the most power open DeFi i.e. Decentralized Finance Protocol. basically, bZx Protocol is nothing but DeFi Lending platform that built on Ethereum Blockchain. Platform aim to build different applications that empower lender, borrowers and traders by maintaining flexibility. Fulcrum (lending and trading platform) and Torque (loan solution with fixed interest rates) are most recent project built by using bZx Protocol.

bZx highly focusing on Decentralized Margin trading and lending, as it has more profitable benefit than centralized exchange. the idea of bringing decentralized finance it gives full control to user, where hacking and stealing of user funds eliminated. User along with HODL their investment can earn passive income through interest rates. Lower fees on margin trading on the platform that is nearly equal to the zero. In order to main value and leveraged position this platform claimed to use Tokenized principle with iTokens and pTokens i.e. known as financial primitives.  

bZx launched main network in 2018 and it was originally project known as b0x and later in July 2019 it rebranded with current name. Project brand change was planned because of similar name project and protocol also available in the blockchain market.

bZx Protocol Price Prediction

Month & YearBZRX Price Prediction
November 2020$0.2360
December 2020$0.2750
January 2021$0.2555
February 2021$0.2707
March 2021$0.3140
April 2021$0.3335
May 2021$0.2859
June 2021$0.3617
July 2021$0.3746
August 2021$0.4050
September 2021$0.3378
October 2021$0.4093
November 2021$0.4786
December 2021$0.5024
January 2022$0.4613
February 2022$0.5782
March 2022$0.6345
April 2022$0.7233
May 2022$0.7861
June 2022$0.7298
July 2022$0.8337
August 2022$0.7991
September 2022$0.5024
October 2022$0.5176
November 2022$0.5544
December 2022$0.5955
January 2025$0.6020
March 2025$0.6215
May 2025$1.7086
July 2025$1.6848
October 2025$1.7823
Decemeber 2025$2.0421
January 2030$1.8927
March 2030$2.8672
May 2030$3.0578
July 2030$2.9647
October 2030$3.0275
December 2030$3.2743

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bZx Protocol Overview

Project namebZx
Ticker SymbolBZRX
Total Supply1,030,000,000
Based onDeFi Protocol
Launched year2018
All-time high$1.34 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, Uniswap, MXC, Balancer, 1inch Exchange, Biki, Poloniex,, Hotbit, IDEX.
WalletDexWallet, MyEtherWallet, Ledger, Metamask

BZRX ICO Overview

Platform usedERC20
Raised by$7,930,000 USD
Date of ICO21 December 2018
ICO Price$0.073 USD
PartnersChainlink, Maker, Zeus Protocol, Kyber Network, Signal Ventures, ETHLend, ETHERISC, Augur, Bamboo, WhaleLEND,
bZx Protocol Price Prediction

bZx Protocol Price Analysis

following success of DeFi project like compound, balancer, serum and other new entry bZx in DeFi creating headline with consistent upward trend. BZRX is native token work as governance token on bZx protocol ecosystem. it originally created in 2018 as medium of transaction on the platform but in 2020 it relaunched as ERC20 token. BZRX enable rewards distribution for active stakers and also interest provided by users. in July 2020 BZRX was listed on CMC with average price of $0.14 USD and following bullish trend as of now it currently trading at price $1.36 USD. Project already reaches in top 100 position and manages to cross 600% all time ROI.


Will BZRX hit $10 USD?

Yes, probably beginning on 2022.

How Much BZRX Worth in 2030?

Probably worth more than $30 USD

Is bZx Protocol a Good Investment?

Yes, as of now it is best time to invest in this project.


DeFi lending and trading along with blockchain based loans with fixed interest rate current most trending thing in blockchain market. In recent release of DeFi protocols and projects experience huge growth in their market cap volume and their native token price continue price surge. The bZx lived up hype and being under development and experience team they have launched associated with some of successful project. bZx Protocol currently integrated with more than 20 project and also established partnership with DeFi Giant like chainlink. bZx era already begin and successfully followed their roadmap as per planned.

bZx Protocol Rating