Digitex Futures (DGTX) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Digitex Futures?

Digitex Futures is the world’s first zero-fees cryptocurrency trading platform. the project bringing the change in the crypto exchange by giving investor and traders to buy and sell their crypto at real price without charging fees. network adapts decentralized smart contract based on Ethereum Blockchain to replace centralized account balance.

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DGTX is native token of Digitex network, which basically playing lead role for offering zero transaction fees. basically, to eliminated transaction fees users need to mint or own DGTX token, in which all profit, loss margin and account balances will be denominated in the native token. Exchange platform simple theory to buy any other token user must need to buy DGTX token that will increase demand that will ultimately lead to revenue generation from the transaction fees with selling and buying of token.

Stellar team also help this project to launch their mainnet & the project backed by Digitex Treasury a sustainable funding. In future, revenue generating token issuance starts in Q1 2021 in that new DGTX token will be created to capture ongoing cost of operating the exchange. However, this new token generation will be depending on active DGTX Token holder.

Digitex Futures Price Prediction

Month & YearDGTX Price Prediction
August 2021$0.00
September 2021$0.01
October 2021$0.01
November 2021$0.01
December 2021$0.01
January 2022$0.02
February 2022$0.02
March 2022$0.03
April 2022$0.03
May 2022$0.04
June 2022$0.03
July 2022$0.04
August 2022$0.05
September 2022$0.05
October 2022$0.04
November 2022$0.05
December 2022$0.06
March 2023$0.05
June 2023$0.06
September 2023$0.06
January 2025$0.13
March 2025$0.12
May 2025$0.13
July 2025$0.11
September 2025$0.13
October 2025$0.13
Decemeber 2025$0.14
January 2030$0.25
March 2030$0.26
May 2030$0.29
July 2030$0.30
September 2030$0.27
December 2030$0.31

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Digitex Futures Overview

Project nameDigitex Futures
Ticker SymbolDGTX
Total Supply1,000,000,000 DGTX
Official websiteDigitexfutures.com
Based onZero-Fees Exchange Platform
Launched year2017
All-time high$0.16 USD
Exchange PlatformMercatox, HitBTC, Probit Exchange, Livecoin, CoinDCX, fatbtc, Switcheo Network
WalletAtomic Wallet, MyEtherWallet

DGTX ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-223
Raised by$ 5,200,000 USD
Date of ICO15th January 2018
ICO Price$ 0.0100 USD
PartnersXangle, Chainlink, Atomic wallet, SmartDec

Digitex Futures Price Analysis

DGTX token has different path in the price graph, initially after completing ICO in may 2018 the price maintaining the average price of $0.0072 USD. the first breakout movement for Digitex was begin in august 2018 and then it reaches to $0.16 USD i.e. counted as all-time high till now. Digitex is continue to follow weird trend because again in February to April 2020 it surged from $0.0033 USD to $0.13 USD just short to crossing all-time high record. as stated weird pattern because it don’t not follow Bitcoin price based pattern, because in the bearish trend in 2019 all crypto was falling with huge percentage and having bullish trend Digitex was one those crypto consistently started gaining rapid growth in market volume. Right now, since July 2019, DGTC having average price of $0.042 USD.

Digitex Future Price Prediction

Digitex Network FAQ

Can DGTX Token Reach $1 USD?

Yes, probably after 9 to 10 years i.e. in 2030.

How Much DGTX Worth in 2030?

Expected to be trading between $1.2 USD to $1.5 USD.

Is Digitex Futures a Good Investment?

Yes, for just HODL DGTX Token you will be getting Zero transaction charges on available crypto asset trading.


We know platform like Binance, Bitmex and OKEX reportedly gaining huge number of new investors, the main reason behind this is they charged very low transaction fess which nearly less than 0.1%. In this race of being top trading platform Digitex comes with unique fee structure but not able gained that much success they deserve, as right now many investors looking for this kind of trading platform to avoid huge fees on big transaction. the protocol they follow risking investor at beginning of time, but they have done changes after partnering with Chainlink to bring oracle support and this will help this project to stable their ecosystem and gain more investor in future.

Digitex Future Rating