DSLA Protocol (DSLA) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is DSLA Protocol?

DSLA Protocol developed by Stacktical network based on outsourcing governance for automatic settlement of service level violations. DSLA is nothing by Autonomous SLA protocol that integrated with SLA compensation capabilities. Project begin their journey in 2016 with script which predict scalability of the system via load test result and later they launched website that let user to define SLO i.e. Service Level Objectives using data science technology. DSLA protocol stand for Decentralized Service Level Agreement.

DSLA aim to replace Service Level Agreement SLA with Decentralized Finance DeFi innovation. however, protocol believe peer to peer SLA contract for agreement and programable transaction along with creating shield again service delay and disruptions. as per recent study most of business depended on SLA contract that non evolutive, slow deployment speed and week designed. In the solution to replace traditional SLA, the network provide 5 minute execution of protocol on blockchain, contract with risk tolerance and real time policies.

In 2018, Skacktical completed their first ever DSLA token sale for fundraising and development of project. Now in 2020, DSLA protocol accept global community participating for open contribution as well Smart contract of DSLA protocol also publicly available for testnet. However, as per roadmap in November 2020 after the launching of main network, smart contract will be open on the mainnet without any limitation.

DSLA Price Prediction

Month & YearDSLA Price Prediction
November 2020$0.0003
December 2020$0.0004
January 2021$0.0004
February 2021$0.0004
March 2021$0.0005
April 2021$0.0005
May 2021$0.0004
June 2021$0.0005
July 2021$0.0006
August 2021$0.0006
September 2021$0.0005
October 2021$0.0006
November 2021$0.0007
December 2021$0.0007
January 2022$0.0007
February 2022$0.0009
March 2022$0.0009
April 2022$0.0011
May 2022$0.0012
June 2022$0.0011
July 2022$0.0012
August 2022$0.0012
September 2022$0.0007
October 2022$0.0008
November 2022$0.0008
December 2022$0.0009
January 2025$0.0009
March 2025$0.0009
May 2025$0.0025
July 2025$0.0025
October 2025$0.0026
Decemeber 2025$0.0030
January 2030$0.0028
March 2030$0.0042
May 2030$0.0045
July 2030$0.0044
October 2030$0.0045
December 2030$0.0048

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DSLA Protocol Overview

Project nameDSLA Protocol
Ticker SymbolDSLA
Total Supply9,000,000,000
Official websiteStacktical.com
Based onSLA Blockchain
Launched year2018
All-time high$0.004868 USD
Exchange PlatformBilaxy, Probit Exchange, Uniswap, STEX
WalletMetamask, MyEtherWallet, Ledger

DSLA ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$1,170,000 USD
Date of ICO31 December 2018
ICO Price$0.0004 USD
PartnersSmartHab, Hear & know, BpiFrance, DevOps Community, Eralabs, Geospatial Data Oracle, French Tech Ecosystem.
DSLA Protocol Price Prediction

DSLA Price Analysis

DSLA Token uses system protocol for token transfer on the network, however this token mainly used for SLA rewards and compensation. DSLA token sees huge growth in august 2020, where in less than 7 days Price surged by almost 1500% with all time ROI over 3500%. DSLA listed on 10th April 2020 with average price of $0.000056 USD and reaches to all time highest on 15th august 2020 with price $0.0048 USD i.e. 8471%. Holding DSLA token can unlock access to SDL that enable dApps to be run network.


How much DSLA will be worth after 5 year?

Expected to cross $0.089 USD

How Much DSLA Worth in 2030?

Probably chasing $1 USD mark.

Is DSLA Protocol a Good Investment?

Yes, considering DeFi, in 2020 DSLA still best investment option.


Another ERC-20 Ethereum Blockchain based project that has unique concept for range of business users. The Token itself plays major role in the ecosystem because it now only gives access to use platform but also enable to run scalability prediction, publish DSLA, form compensation pools, rewarding for teams, check performance failure and many. basically, DSLA Token keeps fluctuation in terms of market volume that randomly create fluctuation in price too. Platform also uses combination of oracle with smart contract for uptime monitoring and real time performance metrics.

DSLA Protocol Rating