Effect.AI (EFX) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Effect.AI?

Effect.AI is perfect combination of human and Artificial intelligence built on Blockchain technology. Project aim to launch Effect network i.e. open source, permissionless and decentralized network for Artificial Intelligence. The ecosystem followed by 3-layer structure that include dApps, Network and Blockchain. where most of platform running on Effect network will be based on smart contract that deployed on the EOS blockchain.

Project targeting main problem in AI technology including Data processing Diverging task and computational cost. We know AI is equally useful as well as equally problematic in real world use. However, as per the study most of business data is useless and unstructured i.e. not readable for AI. So, Effect.AI proposed solution where thousand different language speaker that will collect and manage data and that will be accessible for human intelligence.

Effect.AI enable human labelled data in which they wanted to provide solution such as automated process, transaction, transcriptions and other custom solution. In the services project introduced feature for different solution include Effect Force (training data, survey, respondents, sentiment analysis), Effect Translate (offers solution for business like subtitling, audio transcription, document translation in thousands of language). YouTube Subtitle for easy understanding for viewers.

Effect.AI Price Prediction

Month & YearEFX Price Prediction
November 2020$0.0506
December 2020$0.0589
January 2021$0.0547
February 2021$0.0580
March 2021$0.0673
April 2021$0.0715
May 2021$0.0612
June 2021$0.0775
July 2021$0.0803
August 2021$0.0868
September 2021$0.0724
October 2021$0.0877
November 2021$0.1025
December 2021$0.1076
January 2022$0.0988
February 2022$0.1239
March 2022$0.1359
April 2022$0.1550
May 2022$0.1684
June 2022$0.1564
July 2022$0.1786
August 2022$0.1712
September 2022$0.1076
October 2022$0.1109
November 2022$0.1188
December 2022$0.1276
January 2025$0.1290
March 2025$0.1332
May 2025$0.3661
July 2025$0.3610
October 2025$0.3819
Decemeber 2025$0.4375
January 2030$0.4055
March 2030$0.6143
May 2030$0.6551
July 2030$0.6352
October 2030$0.6486
December 2030$0.7015

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Effect.AI Overview

Project nameEffect.AI
Ticker SymbolEFX
Total Supply650,000,000
Official websiteEffect.ai
Based onBlockchain AI
Launched year2017
All-time high$0.13 USD
Exchange PlatformSwitcheo, Bitbns, Bidesk, Newdex
WalletLedger, Scatter, Lynx, TokenPocket

EFX ICO Overview

Platform usedNEO Blockchain
Raised by$13,590,000 USD
Date of ICO28th march 2018
PartnersDAIA, Akon, pwc, ING, United Nations, YouTube, QUADIA.
Effect.AI Price Prediction

Effect.AI Price Analysis

Effect.AI uses EFX as its digital asset that fuel Effect network as well as gives power to Decentralized AI Development. EFX rewards or earn by user and developer for offering AI solution on the platform. Effect developed AI Services market place where service provider and seeker can interact or buy and sell in which EFX will be medium of transactions. Effect.AI also offer computational resources and again EFX will use to exchange money to computational power that help to launch their deep learning framework.

EFX Token was indexed in 2018 and after being under developer for almost 1 year, as it was debuted after following great response in public offering event ICO. EFX in the run on price graph following neutral trend, where most observed price is $0.0052 USD. however since, march 2020 Effect.AI showed bullish trend and after looking continue surge, investor started investing from end of July 2020, which clearly visible in growth of market volume. so, in less than 5-month EFX surged from $0.0068 to $0.12 USD i.e. 1664% hiked in price.

Can Effect.AI Reach $1 USD?

Yes, right now Effect.AI one of most highly demanding project and considering demand of services $1 USD can be possible in 2023.

Is Effect.AI is Good Investment?

Yes, just wait for big dropped and then consider as investment.


Effect.AI was consider as one of the most steady or neutral blockchain project with small price fluctuation. However, small changes in network and services and improving feature via AI now attracting thousand of user and AI service provider. AI is future technology and integration with blockchain innovative performance of AI in decentralized nature. The project aims to increase knowledge diversity and make AI more affordable by sharing costs. So, Effect.AI will cut down middle entity between Supply and demand that can reduce cost for many businesses.

Effect.AI Rating