Gitcoin (GTC) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Gitcoin?

Gitcoin is innovating future of open web by innovating and helping developer community with resources. Gitcoin was launched in 2017 from then it already funded more than 160k user with funding amount $21 million. as mentioned in official portal Gitcoin has funded more than thousand project and teams with their open-source system.

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Gitcoin sees huge potential in Blockchain and crypto industry, as they believe that every project should have their own protocol. in future, Platform funding will reach goal of billion dollar for great ideas and unexplored start-ups ideas. Gitcoin Open web vision will be the home of peer-to-peer communities who will create open-source code, adopting open governance and sharing open data. in the open system builder can earn rewards for their work by maintaining their work with culture of collaboration.

DAO i.e., decentralized autonomous organization is nothing but Vessel of Gitcoin vision. GitcoinDAO ecosystem collectively works to fund and build next generation of public goods i.e., project. This ecosystem will keep main focus clear that helping to crate biggest and best experiment in open-source space. where its working will start with building community then designing and launching experience by supporting and scaling them into right directions.

Gitcoin Price Prediction

Month & YearGTC Price Prediction
August 2021$16.77
September 2021$25.75
October 2021$28.26
November 2021$29.90
December 2021$33.29
January 2022$42.58
February 2022$45.41
March 2022$65.95
April 2022$76.62
May 2022$88.56
June 2022$95.47
July 2022$101.75
August 2022$108.66
September 2022$120.59
October 2022$97.35
November 2022$114.94
December 2022$135.04
March 2023$121.85
June 2023$128.75
September 2023$144.46
January 2025$289.54
March 2025$265.05
May 2025$283.89
July 2025$251.86
September 2025$290.80
October 2025$306.50
Decemeber 2025$315.29
January 2030$553.96
March 2030$567.78
May 2030$636.86
July 2030$660.73
September 2030$623.05
December 2030$687.74

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Gitcoin Overview

Project nameGitcoin
Ticker SymbolGTC
Total Supply100,000,000
Based onFunding Project
Launched year2017
Exchange PlatformUniswap, MXC, 1 inch exchange, Lbank

GTC Price Analysis

GTC is ERC-20 standard token deployed on Ethereum network. its main utility is working as governance token which has no economical value. GTC will govern Gitcoin ecosystem, where it uses fork of compound and uniswap governance system. GTC token will be evenly distributed within past and future community and contributors.

Gitcoin Price Prediction

GTC has listed on Uniswap, MXC, where it open trade with average price $3.52 USD. GTC on 26th may 2021 crosses $10 USD mark, as due to market crash prices dropped below $6 USD again. Coinbase platform will be listing GTC soon, as more investor will gets their hand on GTC and from then bull run expected to start. Binance and other top centralized exchanges also will list GTC very soon and as soon funding volume increases, we will see surge in GTC price.


How much GTC will be worth in 5 years?

GTC 5 year from now probably reaches to milestone of $100 USD worth.

Is Gitcoin a Good Investment?

Gitcoin is one of the best investments right now for long term holders, as it is one of the popular projects outside Crypto community with huge number of developers.


2017 founded Project that has only dream to bringing great concept into reality with open-source code and community of developers. Gitcoin has funded and helped thousands of projects in inside and outside crypto technology. Gitcoin also got appreciation from Ethereum founder, where Vitalik said that because of Gitcoin I have discover cool Ethereum projects. however, there are many reasons why developer joined this platform, as they gets paid for working on different project with great working culture.

Quadratic Lands where most of project will be funded based on public goods and digital democracy reigns. It will create more community centric ecosystem that collectively build unique and best project. in future, we could see Gitcoin in top list of crypto project sorted by market cap volume.

Gitcoin Rating