GSX Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2040, 2050

What is GSX Coin?

GSX stands for gold secured currency backed by Apollo Fintech, as per mentioned in whitepaper GSX will influence company different operation. Apollo Fintech is metal mining companies that own almost 3000+ acres of land full of gold and platinum. Apollo Fintech own lands in Zimbabwe country that reserve second most gold in most of their area. GSX will be influenced based on analysis done by team of Apollo Fintech company. GSX will be having their own blockchain followed by Apollo Blockchain ecosystem. as main reason of adopting blockchain because it offers transparency and distribute nature. GSX will be having similar nature as stable coins like USDT, DAI or BUSD.

In order to provide stability and growth of GSX coin company continues their mining of high valued metals. Apollo building new investment tool that will combines gold asset and metal rich land. Growth of GSX Coin worth will be depended on positive success for company infrastructure, but it will be not having no analogs with global investment.

Apollo fintech will be not be following decentralized approach as strategic decision will be decided by company official. GSX coin holder consider as passive investor as they may not have rights in decision making, but can have trust to their largest asset.

GSX Coin Price Prediction

Note : Following Values are as mentioned in Official Portal of GSX Asset.

Time IntervalGSX Asset Value
3 Months After Sale$0.23
2 Years After Sale$0.66
3 Years After Sale$1

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GSX Coin Overview

Project nameGSX
Ticker SymbolGSX Coin
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Based onGold Secured Currency
Launched year2020
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformOwn Platform
WalletOwn Wallet

GSX ICO Overview

Platform usedOwn Blockchain
Raised byNA
Sales StatusActive
ICO Price$0.1 USD
PartnersApollo fintech

GSX Coin Price Analysis

GSX Coin distribution already started with $0.1 USD value on their own platform i.e., as mentioned in timeline future price will be depended on goal they set to achieve. GSX going to be listed on world biggest crypto trading platform Binance, but as of now official portal allow user to buy GSX with different payment option. GSX worth as per official portal mentioned under timeline is $0.66 USD on year 2 and $1 USD on year 3. GSX worth almost $3.2 billion USD in stablecoin and it expected to grow up to $30 billion USD in 3 years.

GSX Coin Price Prediction


Is GSX Coin a Good Investment?

GSX backed by one of the biggest Gold mine company of world and following their strategy and plan can innovate digital gold concept. Buying at ICO sale will be more beneficial as we still recommend to do proper research.


Bitcoin or crypto is highly considered as replacement of Gold or other high-cost metal. but the idea of combine blockchain innovation with Gold was already introduced with other projects. As company backed Gold currency already in the market but with GSX there will be more transparent and highly return investment plan. GSX will be digital gold project that can help to maintain prestige of Gold and its value in investment market. As we know gold always consider as one of the best investment assets, as in order to stored physical it is highly risky. Now, company who already own land full of gold and other prestigious metal is sharing their revenue with their investor will be definitely attract more investor in it. however, project success will be the success of investor or GSX coin holder.

GSX Coin Rating