VeThor Token (VTHO) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is VeThor Token?

VeThor Token is second native token or gas of the VechainThor Blockchain which was issued in 2018. the main purpose of VTHO Token is to reward authority masternodes who maintaining integrity and contributing to the Vechain ecosystem. so, 30% of VTHO token used in transaction will be used to distributed user that who produces the Blocks and other remaining supply will be burn. Writing data to blockchain also paid by using VTHO that including transferring tokens and sending data to the smart contracts.

VTHO can be directly purchased from the market or Holding VET will help user to generate VTHO Token. so VTHO token can be maintained by third party, however they still provide services and solution utilizing the fee delegation feature.

So, basically Vechain follows two token ecosystems just like NEO and that help to maintain network and market cap volume. so, basically two token help to separate cost from market speculation, in which taping data of VTHO supply and demand will help to predict cost, where governance mechanism stabilized cost.

VeThor Token Price Prediction

Month & YearVTHO Price Prediction
September 2020$0.00171
October 2020$0.00174
November 2020$0.00169
December 2020$0.00168
January 2021$0.00185
February 2021$0.00187
March 2021$0.00182
April 2021$0.00200
May 2021$0.00231
June 2021$0.00272
July 2021$0.00249
August 2021$0.00236
September 2021$0.00285
October 2021$0.00265
November 2021$0.00311
December 2021$0.00348
January 2022$0.00332
February 2022$0.00345
March 2022$0.00379
April 2022$0.00368
May 2022$0.00382
June 2022$0.00392
July 2022$0.00377
August 2022$0.00389
September 2022$0.00417
October 2022$0.00447
November 2022$0.00452
December 2022$0.00467
January 2025$0.00633
April 2025$0.00615
July 2025$0.00643
October 2025$0.00833
Decemeber 2025$0.00787
January 2030$0.00997
April 2030$0.00979
July 2030$0.01746
October 2030$0.01837
December 2030$0.01992

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VeThor Token Price Analysis

The VeThor Token prices particularly based on VET token because more user HODL Vet token more will be there generation of VTHO Token, however as per report by holding 10,000 VET can generate 4.32 VTHO token each day. Vethor was debuted on CMC with $0.02 USD average price and then dropped by almost 90%, since its dropped, the most average price for VTHO is around $0.00079 USD. now since march 2020 it almost surged by almost 439%, where prices change from $0.000180 USD to $0.000971 USD.

VeThor Token Price Prediction

VeThor Token Overview

Project nameVeThor Token
Ticker SymbolVTHO
Total Supply20,000,000 VTHO
Based onVechain Blockchain
Launched year2018
All-time high$0.042012 USD
Exchange PlatformOceanEx, MXC, Bitvavo, CoinEx, Gate.i, BigONE, Bitrue, LBank, Hotbit, sistemkoin, HaloDex.
WalletVechainThor Wallet

VTHO ICO Overview

VTHO is not primary token of VeChain, so there was no ICO schedule.


Can VTHO Reach $1 USD?


How Much VTHO Worth in 2030?

$0.40 USD

Is VeThor Token a Good Investment?

No, because of shortage of supply.


The Price patten of VET and VTHO Tokens since march 2020 is following almost same pattern, now both token look like real native token. Vechain after regained it position, VeThor Token also gaining market cap volume and ranking growth. VeThor Token playing important role in order to maintain ecosystem.

VeThor Token Rating