Keep3rV1 (KP3R) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What Is Keep3rV1?

Keep3rV1 is one the of the unique project built on Blockchain technology aiming to solve problems in job finding & searching. This project is based on Decentralized job-matching platform that will connect users(job applicant) with developer or job poster. In past few years, job posting and searching were controlled by central authority, where platform charges fees. Unlike traditional platforms, keep3rV1 will be operated by community of the ecosystem with decentralized governance model.

Platform based on two key components that include keepers and jobs that can be operated via smart contract. Under job posting user can create job through governance voting or via adding liquidity. keeper will refer as third party or team that execute a job task.however, smart contract will help in external event execution and there will be limitation in job posting. Keep3r Network believes performing task will be as simple as calling a transaction or adding off-chain data. network will manage jobs instead they allow contracts for job registration via keepers.

Keep3r Network was launched by Andre Cronje, who also help to execute launch of yearn Finance DeFi project. Founder of project was also leading innovation and technology department at Fusion foundation. however, Keep3rV1 falls under DeFi project that uses Ethereum blockchain, which was announced in October 2020.

Keep3rV1 Price Prediction

Month & YearKP3R Price Prediction
November 2020$319.66
December 2020$471.08
January 2021$599.37
February 2021$702.42
March 2021$725.55
April 2021$803.36
May 2021$746.58
June 2021$866.46
July 2021$898.00
August 2021$839.12
September 2021$958.99
October 2021$1,026.29
November 2021$1,095.69
December 2021$1,034.70
January 2022$1,131.44
February 2022$1,169.29
March 2022$1,076.76
April 2022$1,238.69
May 2022$1,293.37
June 2022$1,337.54
July 2022$1,259.73
August 2022$1,333.33
September 2022$1,402.73
October 2022$1,449.00
November 2022$1,564.67
December 2022$1,461.62
January 2025$1,543.64
March 2025$1,640.38
May 2025$1,707.67
July 2025$2,500.52
October 2025$2,477.39
Decemeber 2025$2,572.03
January 2030$2,824.39
March 2030$4,151.41
May 2030$4,231.33
July 2030$4,140.90
October 2030$4,201.89
December 2030$4,441.64

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Keep3rV1 Overview

Project nameKeep3rV1
Ticker SymbolKP3R
Total Supply200,001
Based onJob Platform
Launched year2020
All-time high$383.85 USD
Exchange PlatformUniswap, Binance, Bilaxy, MXC
WalletMeta Wallet
Keep3rV1 Price Prediction

KP3R Price Analysis

KP3R is native token of keep3r network that can be used to pay keepers for executing task. Token also help to receive fees from other payment network. holding KP3R token allow user to post job and also can enter into governance voting for future listing. According to data from coinmarketcap KP3R token was launched on 29th October 2020 with average price $175.48, as on same day KP3R also registered all time high price after reaching $383.85 USD price. KP3R continue to climb in ranking after gaining huge popularity of developer, as developer previous project already worth in million USD.


How much Keep3rV1 worth in 2030?

Expected to cross $2500 USD mark.

Is Keep3rV1 a Good Investment?

as per our prediction KP3R can surged in value with decent ROI.


Yearn.Finance yield farming decentralized finance project that gained huge popularity in Crypto market. However, following that project plenty of new project was launched but instead of product they were focusing on higher APY. Keep3rV1 is decentralized project of Keep3r network that main focusing on smart contract technology for job platform. Decentralized Job platform will be the future of job posting and finding and this project will be key part of that revolution.

Keep3rV1 Rating