Kimchi (Kimchi.Finance) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2030

What is Kimchi.Finance?

Kimchi.Finance is another yield farming protocol following path of SushiSwap. Kimchi is fork version of Sushi and Yuno that aim to become next DeFi farming Token in future. Kimchi claimed that it will work better with Sushi. It also following similar kind of design as Sushi’s MasterChef. Kimchi Support different multiple DEX with multi asset support for farming and trade where APY i.e. interest rate will be display perfectly on platform.

In recent news Uniswap declined relation with SushiSwap and it already cross $1 Billion worth volume in less than a week. Kimchi will not support functional time lock contract as per user reported on twitter. In recent tweet Kimchi benchmark timelock function and it will be timelocked into infinite loop. Kimchi will not have governance and KIMCHI will be official utility token of platform. in farming user will earn Kimchi Token.

Kimchi Finance another DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Project that run on Ethereum blockchain. Kimchi also having multi token support where currently band, Chainlink is listed for farming.

Kimchi Price Prediction

Month & YearKIMCHI Price Prediction
November 2020$0.0099
December 2020$0.0146
January 2021$0.0185
February 2021$0.0217
March 2021$0.0224
April 2021$0.0248
May 2021$0.0231
June 2021$0.0268
July 2021$0.0278
August 2021$0.0259
September 2021$0.0297
October 2021$0.0317
November 2021$0.0339
December 2021$0.0320
January 2022$0.0350
February 2022$0.0362
March 2022$0.0333
April 2022$0.0383
May 2022$0.0400
June 2022$0.0414
July 2022$0.0389
August 2022$0.0412
September 2022$0.0434
October 2022$0.0448
November 2022$0.0484
December 2022$0.0452
January 2025$0.0477
March 2025$0.0507
May 2025$0.0528
July 2025$0.0773
October 2025$0.0766
Decemeber 2025$0.0795
January 2030$0.0873
March 2030$0.1284
May 2030$0.1308
July 2030$0.1280
October 2030$0.1299
December 2030$0.1373

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Kimchi Overview

Project name
Ticker Symbolkimchi 
Total Supply 1,319,549
Official website
Based onDeFi 
Launched year2020 
All-time high$12.30 USD
Exchange Platform Uniswap
Kimchi Price Prediction

Kimchi Price Analysis

In last 24 hours Kimchi traded $74 million worth volume with currently it is listed on UniSwap V2 Platform. as of writing it Kimchi worth $6.01 and dropped almost by half comparing all time highest from $12.30 USD. unlike Sushi this Kimchi may follow bullish trend in coming week, as of today market it down. Kimchi token confirmed it non governance nature that means there will be no voting on the ecosystem.

How Much Kimchi Worth in 2030?

Probably worth more than $100

is Kimchi a Good Investment?

No, they just flip SushiSwap and not even try to cut down Gas Fees following SushiSwap


The race is continuing that battle for more APY, lower gas fees, maximum rewards, more token support and more. Uniswap finally getting tough competition from new entrant in DeFi Project DEX. Yield Farming started with Compound and now trend is shifting towards trade and farm. On official portal Kimchi confirm about being fork of Yuno and Sushi that already gained huge volume. so, similarly Kimchi may be future the of DeFi.

Kimchi.Finance Rating