Loki Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is Loki?

Loki is hard fork version of Monero blockchain to inherit Privacy network that allow private and instant transaction along with secure private communication. The Loki network offers censorship resistant suit of tool for user that help for private communication and transaction. Loki has incentivised full node layer that help to provide privacy-based function, however network also enable node rewards scheme, where masternode known as service node.

Loki network implements on top of CryptoNote Protocol, where functionality and scalability will be enabled by service nodes. however, network provide bandwidth and storage to operate service nodes, as every node operator will be rewarded by Loki Token for creating new block. Block rewards distribution will be done using proof of work mechanism. In short, this running of service node saves Sybil attacks and existing blockchain problem.  

Loki offers different privacy enable feature and now recently they have added new application i.e. Blockswap. Basic purpose behind launching Blockswap is bringing evolution in decentralized Finance (DeFi) of ERC20 Token. Blockswap aim to provide faster and easy cross-chain token swapping and expected to become future of utility and smart contract platform. so, basically it will create bridge between ERC-20 Token and other blockchain ecosystem.

Loki Price Prediction

Month & YearLOKI Price Prediction
September 2020$0.7479
October 2020$0.7621
November 2020$0.7408
December 2020$0.7336
January 2021$0.8120
February 2021$0.8191
March 2021$0.7977
April 2021$0.8761
May 2021$1.0114
June 2021$1.1895
July 2021$1.0898
August 2021$1.0328
September 2021$1.2465
October 2021$1.1610
November 2021$1.3604
December 2021$1.5243
January 2022$1.4530
February 2022$1.5100
March 2022$1.6596
April 2022$1.6097
May 2022$1.6738
June 2022$1.7166
July 2022$1.6525
August 2022$1.7023
September 2022$1.8234
October 2022$1.9587
November 2022$1.9801
December 2022$2.0442
January 2025$2.7707
April 2025$2.6924
July 2025$2.8135
October 2025$3.6468
Decemeber 2025$3.4474
January 2030$4.3662
April 2030$4.2879
July 2030$7.6427
October 2030$8.0415
December 2030$8.7182

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Loki Overview

Project nameLoki
Ticker SymbolLOKI
Total Supply49,210,221
Official websiteLoki.network
Based onPrivate Blockchain
Launched year2018
All-time high$1.09 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance DEX, KuCoin, Tradeorge.
WalletElectron Wallet, Command Line Wallet, Loki Locker.

LOKI ICO Overview

Platform usedLOKI
Raised by$9,030,000 USD
Date of ICO25th march 2018
ICO Price$0.68 USD
PartnersTLDR Capital, 1kx, Coinsortium, Master Node Ventures, Arweave, CoinPayments.
Loki Price Prediction

Loki Price Analysis

Loki planned airdrop where 15% supply of token distributed to public with price $0.68 USD, later in may 2018 Loki listed on CMC with average price $0.86 USD. in April 2019 Loki crossed $1 USD mark, but in overall in average price the actual price was different. now, since march 2020 Loki price change from $0.19 USD to $0.79 USD with 276%, now following announcement and launching blockswap Loki may seeing bullish trend that can help cross $1 USD mark in future.


Will Loki hit $10?

Yes, expected to reach after 2027.

How much LOKI will be worth in 5 years?

Probably cost more than $5 USD.

How Much LOKI Worth in 2030?

May be crossing $15 USD.

Is Loki a Good Investment?

Yes, Trade before DeFi Project debut.


The Australian start-up blockchain based company Loki founded by simon harman, he was involved in major evolution of Monero private blockchain and currently member of Australia’s Blockchain center, i.e. community includes blockchain, expert, mentor and investor. however, Loki introduced different privacy feature and some of them are better than monero Blockchain. so, this project has great potential and has support from owner and community will help them to bring new technology on the network.

Loki Rating