MXC (Machine Xchange Coin) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Machine Xchange Coin?

Machine Xchange Coin i.e. MXC introduced theirs Platform to bring simplicity and increase IoT based Transaction following systematic procedure. The system is relying on Machine eXchange Protocol and LPWAN i.e. low power wide access network. MXC foundation has vision to build secure system where user can allow to collect, store and earn rewards from this Data. however, as per the study every second IoT devices collected Zettabytes size of data.

MXC wanted to created biggest LPWAN IoT network, in which profit from data or network will be used in the building process. In the proposed MXC network any user on the platform having capabilities to become LPWAN provide i.e. provide of device data. for e.g. user step gateway using LPWAN and a local firm is collecting data of pollution of city, so in order to get data each sensor will bids MXC for user’s gateway to transfer your collected data to the firm securely. however, developer can also bid for data using MXC to upload that data on their weather application.

Basically, MXC offer permission-less Blockchain where LPWAN uses as cloud server, where MXProtocol focus on elimination of collision of the network and constructing inter-chain data market with the help of QoS framework i.e. Quality of Services for data providers and borrower.

MXC Price Prediction

Month & YearMXC Price Prediction
September 2020$0.0174
October 2020$0.0177
November 2020$0.0172
December 2020$0.0171
January 2021$0.0189
February 2021$0.0191
March 2021$0.0186
April 2021$0.0204
May 2021$0.0235
June 2021$0.0277
July 2021$0.0253
August 2021$0.0240
September 2021$0.0290
October 2021$0.0270
November 2021$0.0316
December 2021$0.0355
January 2022$0.0338
February 2022$0.0351
March 2022$0.0386
April 2022$0.0374
May 2022$0.0389
June 2022$0.0399
July 2022$0.0384
August 2022$0.0396
September 2022$0.0424
October 2022$0.0456
November 2022$0.0461
December 2022$0.0475
January 2025$0.0644
April 2025$0.0626
July 2025$0.0654
October 2025$0.0848
Decemeber 2025$0.0802
January 2030$0.1016
April 2030$0.0997
July 2030$0.1778
October 2030$0.1870
December 2030$0.2028

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MXC Price Analysis

Anyone on the platform can become LPWAN provider and use its gateway to start income, so bidding and payment on the platform can be done by using MXC Token. So, as soon as data coverage increases the MXC token value also increases, as we know IoT platform to making advanced city is rapidly increasing and this Data collection and creation also playing important role of maintaining ecosystem of City. However, MXC was got indexed in December 2018, after that it dropped by huge percentage, now since beginning of December 2019 MXC token surging with steady bullish trend. In which price changed from $0.0014 USD to $0.0089 USD with 535%.

MXC Price Prediction

Machine Xchange Coin Overview

Project nameMachine Xchange Coin
Ticker SymbolMXC
Total Supply2,642,132,373
Based onLPWAN & IoT Blockchain
Launched year2018
All-time high$0.020630 USD
Exchange PlatformBithumb, Huobi Global,, Huobi Korea, Bibox, ChainX
WalletMXC Wallet

MXC ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$24,000,000 USD
Date of ICO19th october 2018
ICO Price$0.015 USD
PartnersDu Capital, Vechain, Blockchain Bundesverband, man make machine, dwf, longhash, oneboat capial, wandarin, m2b, Stellar, hchain labs, wolfcrypto, eit digital, black edge, block asset, lighyear. Node capital, transference fund, pre-angle, Lora alliance,,


Can MXC Reach $1 USD?

Probably after 2030

How Much MXC Token Worth in 2030?

Reaching $0.50 USD to $0.80 USD

Is Machine Xchange Coin Good Investment?

Yes, Long term more profitable as compare to short term.


The project brings innovative initiative that help free smart city IoT network using blockchain, now to access services user need to use MXC supernodes and MXC Datadash app. However recently they also introduced Staking for community member, where user can earn passive income from MXC Supernode profit and also launched mining hardware launched by MatchX the device helps to set gateway and earn MXC sharing their network.

Machine xChange Coin Rating