Hard Protocol Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Hard Protocol?

Kava platform based DeFi platform Harvest.io is now rebranded as Hard Protocol. Rebranding decision had taken to avoid confusion of two totally different project that having same name. Hard Protocol claimed to be first ever cross-chain money market that support multiple digital assets. Platform provide three main feature that include lending, borrowing and earning rewards with available asset on the platform. project backed by industries top expert platform that include Binance, BitMax, OKEX.

Hard Protocol build by utilizing multiple application like price feed module with oracle, cross-chain functionality and kava blockchain security. So, original aim of project is providing open and fully decentralized financial services for everyone. platform itself listed number of asset where user can earn interest for supplying their assets. Users also put their investment as collateral to borrow other tokens on the platform. any exchanges platform, fintech firm and financial services can integrated with Hard protocol to enable direct earning for borrowing and lending.

Hard token will fuel ecosystem of hard protocol that gives primary role to the token holder. Platform itself believes on decentralized governance and incentives model, as community member will decides future of parameters, which assets to be added and distribution of rewards.

Hard Protocol Price Prediction

Month & YearHARD Price Prediction
February 2021$1.0153
March 2021$1.4963
April 2021$1.9037
May 2021$2.2310
June 2021$2.3045
July 2021$2.5516
August 2021$2.3713
September 2021$2.7520
October 2021$2.8522
November 2021$2.6652
December 2021$3.0459
January 2022$3.2597
February 2022$3.4801
March 2022$3.2864
April 2022$3.5937
May 2022$3.7139
June 2022$3.4200
July 2022$3.9343
August 2022$4.1080
September 2022$4.2483
October 2022$4.0011
November 2022$4.2349
December 2022$4.4554
January 2025$4.6023
March 2025$4.9697
April 2025$4.6424
May 2025$4.9029
July 2025$5.2102
September 2025$5.4239
October 2025$7.9422
Decemeber 2025$7.8687
January 2030$8.1693
March 2030$8.9708
May 2030$13.1857
July 2030$13.4395
September 2030$13.1523
October 2030$13.3460
December 2030$14.1075

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Hard Protocol Overview

Project nameHard Protocol
Ticker SymbolHARD
Total Supply200,000,000
Official websiteHard.kava.io
Based onDeFi
Launched year2020
All-time high$1.20 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, BitMax, Pancakeswap, Gate.io, Coinone, WBF Exchange, BSCswap.
PartnerChainlink, Binance, Kava

HARD Protocol Price Analysis

HARD Protocol also known as HARD started listing on CoinMarketCap(CMC) from 8th November of this year 2020 with initial price at around $0.85 USD. Within a span of week price of 1 HARD deep down to half of its initial price that is $0.4 USD. Later, there were few ups and downs within a range of $0.4 USD to $0.55 USD.

After exactly 1 months of listing HARD on CoinMarketCap price of 1 HARD token touched $1 milestone. And with respect to market capitalization and popularity, HARD protocol is getting popular and getting more and more investments day by day. Although current ROI as of today 19th Dec 2020 of HARD Protocol is 1.27% which is pretty low after 1.5 month but surely you can think about this coin if you are looking for a good and long-term investment with decent returns.

Hard Protocol Price Prediction


Will HARD Coin Reach $10?

$10 means almost 10x comparing today’s price that expected may be after 2021.

Is Hard Protocol a Good Investment?

Another defi project that supported by top trading platform, as it can be profitable for long term investor.


Kava is one of the emerging innovations in the innovation of decentralized finance, as it continues to develop project that could offer more decentralized financial services. Hard will offer security and base platform for new trading platform and exchanges in future. however, Kava and Hard protocol currently under top 30 DeFi project and bother project gaining huge market volume in recent times. However, Hard Protocol implemented new policy of 1% fees that will be distributed to Hard Token holder. as of now Hard already distributed $3 million worth token for users.

Hard Protocol Rating