Dock Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Dock?

Dock bringing Decentralized environment in the field on verifiable credential i.e., important document of any person or user. Dock aiming to build infrastructure focusing on efficiency, privacy and security for manging and issuing document. Platform offers best decentralized services which allow to create identity which are verified using cryptography technology. Provided solution will help to eliminate manual verification method along with no interference of third party.

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Dock now making new significant changes to improve existing Document system, as they founded Dock with aim of using existing data solution. we know in the existing solution data silos, untrusted or wrong information and inculpabilities with multiple platforms. We know lack of control and document verification was the reason which lower privacy for users.

Dock is totally open and permissionless which can be access by anyone, anywhere around the world without fear of privacy. Dock labs development team of project will work together with different market and industries to unlock secure future with secure and personally owned verifiable documents. In phase of network Dock will be using Proof of Authority consensus algorithm at the beginning, as number of validators, stakers and organization will contribute different resources to validate and produce blocks. in the final phase of network will transit into Proof of Stake for governance along with setting new rules for validator and voters.

Dock Coin Price Prediction

Month & YearDOCK Price Prediction
August 2021$0.1037
September 2021$0.1925
October 2021$0.2173
November 2021$0.2335
December 2021$0.2670
January 2022$0.3589
February 2022$0.3869
March 2022$0.5899
April 2022$0.6955
May 2022$0.8135
June 2022$0.7576
July 2022$0.9439
August 2022$1.0122
September 2022$1.1302
October 2022$0.9004
November 2022$1.0743
December 2022$1.2730
March 2023$1.1364
June 2023$1.2109
September 2023$1.3662
January 2025$2.8007
March 2025$2.5585
May 2025$2.7448
July 2025$2.4281
September 2025$2.8131
October 2025$2.9062
Decemeber 2025$3.0553
January 2030$5.4150
March 2030$5.7380
May 2030$6.2348
July 2030$6.4707
September 2030$5.9739
December 2030$6.6757

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Dock Overview

Project nameDock
Ticker SymbolDOCK
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Based onVerifiable Identity
Launched year2018
All-time high$0.24 USD
Exchange PlatformKucoin, Binance, Huobi Global, Gate, WazirX, CoinDCX

DOCK ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$20,140,000 USD
Date of ICO21st February 2018
PartnersPassport Capital, DCH, DAF, Connect Capital, 1kx, ovrhd,

Dock Coin Price Analysis

Dock was listed in the ICO wave of 2018, where most of project failed to maintain price above listing price level. Since end of 2018, most of coins falls below $0.0010 USD and then it maintains average price of $0.0051 USD level. 2020 year was momentum changer year for blockchain industry, in that Dock also gained huge market volume, Dock since 2020 gained by 14x and it could probably it will be hiked by 20x from breaking price of $0.009.

Dock Coin Price Prediction

DOCK utility token of ecosystem with key role of distribution of incentives of all participant, operator, validator and issuers. In governance model every token holder still participates in voting for future proposal and electing board.


How Much Dock Coin Worth in 2030?

Expected to cross $5 USD mark.

Is Dock a Good Investment?

Project who launched before 2018 with great concept is already surpass their ATH, as DOCK yet to break ATH level.


We know thousands of publicly traded companies who partner with different solution provider, as most of them not able provide long term services. as service provider start charging huge fees along with slow and unscalable solution, so calculating maintenance, developer and expertise its efficiency keeps on falling. Dock wanted to create fully decentralized network with maximum participation and widespread adoption. In order to achieved Dock has built non-profit, decentralized and open network with governance and collaboration model. So, with blockchain technology Dock network will built high performing solution with lowest cost for everyone.

Dock coin Rating