Octopus Protocol (OPS) Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Octopus Protocol?

Octopus Protocol is Defi innovation that unlock unparallel access and exposure to real world crypto assets. Octopus is robust protocol provide one stop solution for issuing, trading, lending, borrowing and management of synthetic. Protocol based on Binance Smart chain (BSC) network to adopt open and decentralized infrastructure for settling financial derivatives to eliminate third party involvement.

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In the problem statement Octopus believes that financial derivatives are restricted and also has counterparty risk along with major dependency on third parties. Owing trading asset or derivatives is highly risk and expensive in this environment and this can lead to unbalanced market dynamics. Octopus bringing solution by utilizing advantages of tokenization on blockchain and using decentralized infrastructure for creation and managing synthetic assets.

in highlighted feature Octopus facilitates affordable and cheaper solution as compare other existing provider, as protocol will be reducing collateral while creating synthetics asset. Trustless inherent infrastructure will cut trust barriers while trading and perform instant settlement of derivatives. User can create their own financial contract with customized option with comparing multiple assets, every build token can track price of any available asset in real time.

Octopus Protocol Price Prediction

Month & YearOPS Price Prediction
October 2021$0.23
November 2021$0.34
December 2021$0.38
January 2022$0.41
February 2022$0.44
March 2022$0.33
April 2022$0.38
May 2022$0.42
June 2022$0.50
July 2022$0.51
August 2022$0.56
September 2022$0.60
October 2022$0.58
November 2022$0.67
December 2022$0.61
March 2023$0.68
June 2023$0.63
September 2023$0.68
December 2023$0.64
January 2025$0.69
March 2025$1.77
May 2025$1.97
July 2025$2.29
September 2025$2.08
October 2025$2.04
November 2025$2.39
Decemeber 2025$2.46
January 2030$5.28
March 2030$5.61
May 2030$6.30
July 2030$5.80
September 2030$6.68
December 2030$6.92

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Octopus Protocol Overview

Project nameOctopus Protocol
Ticker SymbolOPS
Total Supply150,000,000
Official websiteOctopus.exchange
Based onSynthetic asset
Launched year2021
Supported ChainBSC
Exchange PlatformKucoin, Uniswap, Kucoin
WalletMetamask, Trust Wallet

OPS IDO Overview

Platform usedProStarter, Bounce, Paid Network, TrustPad
Raised by$450,000
Date of ICO11th June to 13th June 2021
IDO Price$0.15 USD
PartnersBet You, Moma, Flourishing Capital, Token Suite, bullish unicorn, ICO Pantera.

OPS Price Analysis

OPS is native utility token of Octopus Ecosystem, as it is currently based on BEP-20 token standard built on BSC network. OPS token market volume generated from platform fees that applied for engaging and accessing the products and services octopus. OPS main used for three main purpose that include governance, staking and engagement, where governance gives participation in voting that ensure decision of network. staking will be enabling by locking token on platform for that user will receive rewards in OPS token.

Octopus Protocol Price Prediction

OPS Token hosted on 4 popular IDO launchpad and because of team smart marketing currently Octopus community is crosses 100k mark counted on different social media account. OPS token distributed at price $0.15 USD and its trading started on Kucoin at price $0.15 USD. as per price graph of Kucoin exchange OPS price hits $600 USD all time high and later it dumped to below $1 USD in pricing. as we know IDO investor always dumped price after selling token immediately after listing. OPS have great potential and as of writing it currently holding resistance of $0.60 to $0.80 USD and it could break $1 USD coming week.


Will OPS hit $10?

Probability is higher of reaching $10 USD before 2023.

Is Octopus Protocol a Good Investment?

On paper and roadmap wise Octopus looks strong and that’s enough for surviving in future, so consider OPS for long term investment.


Octopus protocol backed by experience team and one of the co-founder Monk is claim to be ICO holder of biggest DeFi innovation like DOT, ETH, LINK, ALGO and more. Platform allow user to perform trading of tokenized synthetic asset on p2p network, as minting and trading backed by smart contract. as we know investor wanted ownership of asset and octopus helping them convert real asset into synthetic assets and then support minting on BSC network. Global accessibility that eliminates limitation of geographical location and exposure to stock, asset in fractional amount and more. Social and option trading will be breakout feature of this project, where user can follow expert of industry along with maintaining custody, security and transparency.

Octopus Protocol Rating