Omisego (Omg) Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

Omisego is financial service provider Ethereum based blockchain platform using PoS mechanism. The Omisego was launched in 2013 and in 2015 they have launched first Blockchain lab with name Omise Blockchain Lab. the original plan before they launched network, they wanted to create platform where most business-based world payment need be improved securely. in 2017 they finally launched Omisego network, with offering leveraging payment and blockchain enterprises by working with new established company, different enterprises, and self-backed organization from their network.

This network also joining the list of blockchain technology who wanted to established lightning version of Ethereum Blockchain. Team already working with different blockchain since beginning including Hydrachain, Status, Cosmos and Tendermint, as all this network already created their name in crypto market and so does Omisego is in the list of top 50 largest market cap cryptocurrency list.

Omisego Fundamental Overview

Project nameOmisego
Ticker SymbolOMG
Total Supply140,245,398 OMG
Based onEthereum Blockchain
Launched year2017
All-time high$28.35 USD
Exchange PlatformBKEX, Bibox,, Binance, Binance JEX, Huobi Global,, Bitforex, OKEx, Coinbase Pro, Exrates, Coinbit,  DigiFinex,
WalletOmiseGO eWallet, Ledger, Atomic Wallet.

OmiseGO ICO Overview

In ICO OmiseGO distributed over 65% OMG supply from the total supply of 140 million, as the original plan is to raise $4 million during its presale, but they wanted to airdrop supply for ETH Holder who atleast own 0.1 ETH. Remaining 10% supply is distributed to development team and other operation expenses. In ICO they got over helming response from users because at one point in June 2020 they forcefully paused presale due to getting huge response from investor, at the end they cancel their ICO, and they can restore hard cap to $19 million to $25 million.

Omisego Price History and Analysis

OmiseGO is first Ethereum project to cross $1 Billion in value, as they got listed on listed in July 2017 with price $0.55 USD. in the peak period of cryptocurrency i.e. 2017-18 OmiseGo was unstoppable, in which prices reaches to all-time highest record i.e. $28.35 USD, as they continue their good performance in till May 2018, as this time other top coins were falling consistently and that time Omisego was the 32th biggest cryptocurrency sorted by market cap value. But in 2020 Omg coin reaches to its all-time lowest price, as many investors was losing huge money, those who are invested in during 2018 to 2019. As OmiseGO still hold 100+% ROI and expected to continue hike in 2020.

OmiseGO Product Overview

Omise provide decentralized exchange platform to obtained coordination between payment gateways, system and financial firm, as they follow public blockchain network with offering newest value transfer services to buy different currencies and digital assets. there is different type of financial transaction can be done by using this network, including supply chain financing, buyer to buyer transaction, instant money transfer, payroll, loyalty program for user, asset management, trade on demand. All services provided under network are decentralized. In the newly introduced feature OmiseGO also allow user to create their own Payment network with Leverage Layer 2 plasma architecture they ensure network can help to achieve more scalable network.

Top Partnerships

As per officials mentioned on their platform network having good established partnership including Algoz, Quantstamp, Hydro Labs, Krungsri, Finnovate, Nomura, Ethereum Community fund, MVL, Shinhan Card. Still most buzzed partnership for Omisego was announced in 2017 with McDonalds Thailand, following rumours that Burger King going to launch their own cryptocurrency with name WhopperCoin, and this may be the reason why this big firm was established partnership. There are lots of hidden companies which was partnering with this network, as per reddit report SCG, Dac, Thai Airway, alianz Ayudhya, AXA and some more also in the list.  

Omg Coin Price Prediction

Since September 2019, omg coin was trading under $1 USD, as it really important to achieve price because price very close to dropped below $0.55 USD. as in march 2020, prices hit 1.40 USD, and most of investor was thinking OMG will have great in 2020, but it suddenly dropped by huge percentage. Talking about price prediction for 2020, OmiseGO with lightning network and Ethereum 2.0 staking based model will help to go bullish in remaining year, the most expected price to be achieved till end of 2020 year will be $3 USD. the most of average price for this year will $1.2 USD.

Month & YearPrice Prediction in USD
June 2020$1.78 USD
July 2020$1.20 USD
August 2020$1.29 USD
September 2020$1.56 USD
October 2020$2.39 USD
November 2020$3.02 USD
December 2020$2.34 USD
Note: considering $1.20 USD most average figure for year 2020.

Omisego is always backed by Ethereum owner as in random tweet he mentioned omg is my most favourite model, as going further in details he added there no medium of exchange token, clear valuation model and requires running node to get return, as in future also they will established their own identity to have huge performance growth.

Omisego Price Prediction
Quarter & YearPrice Prediction USD
Q1 2021$2.33 USD
Q2 2021$3.20 USD
Q3 2021$4.78 USD
Q4 2021$2.353 USD
Q1 2025$24.24 USD
Q2 2025$25.303 USD
Q3 2025$27.34 USD
Q4 2025$29.34 USD
Q1 2030$38.29 USD
Q2 2030$42.28 USD
Q3 2030$45.89 USD
Q4 2030$38.43 USD
Note: current all-time record expected to broken in 2025.

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