Orao Network Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Orao Network?

In the growing space of decentralized product oracle has been playing one of the most important. Orao aiming to provide oracle service for custom data feeds for different blockchains and other projects. Orao Network based on Polkadot ecosystem i.e., Substrate blockchain aiming secure data with higher performance in real-times.

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Orao believes that most of existing blockchain are self-contained and isolated from internet and external data, which restrictive limitation for future development. So, platform will be providing virtual gateway for every possible blockchain without compromising speed, security and scalability. wide range of data can be traded along with dozens of buyer and provider into financial data.

Orao following footstep of leading oracle service provider that include chainlink and DOS by adopting reputation system. Integrated system will help platform to control data providers and freshness of data along with order completion rate and quick completion of requirement. However, Data protocol integration will also help to judge data provider on data normalization and bad use of machine learning technology. as giving equal chance to new data provider and change in nature of existing data provider can causes big issue for data seeker. So, every data will be analyses even old data providers who blindly trusted data for given output.

Orao Price Prediction

Month & YearORAO Price Prediction
August 2021$0.07
September 2021$0.13
October 2021$0.15
November 2021$0.16
December 2021$0.18
January 2022$0.24
February 2022$0.26
March 2022$0.39
April 2022$0.46
May 2022$0.54
June 2022$0.51
July 2022$0.63
August 2022$0.68
September 2022$0.76
October 2022$0.60
November 2022$0.72
December 2022$0.85
March 2023$0.76
June 2023$0.81
September 2023$0.91
January 2025$1.87
March 2025$1.71
May 2025$1.83
July 2025$1.62
September 2025$1.88
October 2025$1.94
Decemeber 2025$2.04
January 2030$3.62
March 2030$3.83
May 2030$4.17
July 2030$4.32
September 2030$3.99
December 2030$4.46

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Orao Network Overview

Project nameOrao Network
Ticker SymbolORAO
Total Supply1 Billion
Official websiteOrao.network
Based onOracle Service
Launched year2021
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformNA
WalletMetamask Wallet

ORAO IDO Overview

Platform usedDAOMaker
Raised by$ 2,090,000 USD
Date of ICO24th march 2021
ICO Price$0.015 USD
PartnersPolkafoundary, Elrond

ORAO Coin Price Analysis

ORAO Token used solely as primary utility token that plays major role in functioning of ecosystem. ORAO token introduction will be targeting to provide convenience, secure mode of payment and exchange between ecosystem users. Token will be providing incentives that will boost token user along with maintain ORAO Ecosystem. Staking will targeting to prevent malicious behaviours of participant and along with incentives for stakers. recently ORAO officially announces partnership with custom data feeds for Elrond and Polkafoundary, as both project are well established with huge userbase. as, talking about polkafoundary who already working on two big project including launchpad and NFT marketplace that could be huge gain for ORAO Network.

ORAO Network uses different fund-raising platform as they go with DAOMaker for IDO and Gate Platform for IEO with price $0.015. however, listing yet announced but project has potential to start trading with around 30x from IDO or ICO Price.

Orao Network Price Prediction


Will ORAO hit $1?

ORAO has huge total supply and considering pre-sale ORAO to reach $1 USD expected to happen after 2021.

Is Orao Network a Good Investment?

ORAO with great team and great concept and looking at future of Oracle services this project defiantly gain attention from investor.


Oracle is heart of smart contract that could be one of critical factor on changing world in to decentralized network. Oracle data demand peaking at the moment and existing platform no doubt has been delivered as per user expectation. But, in the existing services provider, some problem causes huge loss to different blockchain project and buyer due to inconsistent data delivery. ORAO targeting issue like high performance, scalability and trust of providers to delivered demanded data. OROA is blockchain agnostic, as it will support cross-chain i.e., multiple networks along with interaction from Ethereum to Zilliqa. Kylin Network is biggest competitor of ORAO, as both platforms based on substrate, so better and consistent provider will be gained attention from users.

ORAO Network Rating