NKN Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is NKN?

NKN stands for New Kind of Network that willing to build Blockchain infrastructure for facilitate network sharing for decentralized internet. NKN Protocol has new king of peer-to-peer network connectivity that empowered by novel public blockchain. however, main aim of project will be creating better infrastructure for web 3.0 with transparent and open mechanism along with maintaining security and privacy by providing server-less communication.

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Adopting NKN offer multiple benefit that include millions of node support, high aggregated throughput, zero server, unique & global ID, extra security & privacy and Low Latency. In the real use cases and innovation NKN integrating with top existing TCP/IP, by helping utilization unused storage, bandwidth and data from different users. Network allowing both individual and corporate to access optimized data usage for improved network speed maintaining cost efficiency.

NKN can be used to developed decentralized application with higher performance and cost-effective servers. NKN looking to create alternative and better option for centralized server, where issues like downtime, higher cost, decentralization can be eliminated. NKN also innovating tradition Proof of Work and Proof of Storage element with Proof of Relay innovation, which is referred as useful PoW and specially it rewards miners for transmitting real-world data in the network.

NKN Price Prediction

Month & YearNKN Price Prediction
August 2021$0.33
September 2021$0.61
October 2021$0.69
November 2021$0.74
December 2021$0.84
January 2022$1.13
February 2022$1.22
March 2022$1.86
April 2022$2.20
May 2022$2.57
June 2022$2.39
July 2022$2.98
August 2022$3.20
September 2022$3.57
October 2022$2.85
November 2022$3.40
December 2022$4.02
March 2023$3.59
June 2023$3.83
September 2023$4.32
January 2025$8.85
March 2025$8.09
May 2025$8.67
July 2025$7.67
September 2025$8.89
October 2025$9.18
Decemeber 2025$9.66
January 2030$17.11
March 2030$18.13
May 2030$19.70
July 2030$20.45
September 2030$18.88
December 2030$21.10

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NKN Overview

Project nameNKN
Ticker SymbolNKN
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Official websiteNkn.org
Based ondApps
Launched year2018
All-time high$1.48 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, Coinbase Pro, Huobi Global, Gate, Bittrex, CoinDCX, Crypto.com.

NKN ICO Overview

Platform usedNEO Blockchain.
Raised by$12,600,000 USD
Date of ICO19 April 2018
PartnersBluzelle, Noia Network, Portal Network, OKEX, Ankr, Harmony, Tax, DxChain, String Capital, U network, Genesis, Node Capital, ONF, Portal Network, Datapace, Cryptic labs.

NKN Coin Price Analysis

NKN Token is being life blood of NKN Ecosystem that pays central role on the network. NKN can be used in running node that allow participant tot share network resources that will help other transfer data along with earn mining rewards. NKN also used as currency on platform to pay for nConnect secure connection, CDN, game streaming, group and other major services on the platform. NKN was listed on exchange in 2018 with opening trade with $0.35 USD Price, as later in the bear run it price falls to below $0.1 USD. in 2020 we have seen major development in blockchain space targeting decentralized application. however, NKN also gets major exchange listing like Binance, Huobi that heaps to ross $1 USD mark and set new all time high record.

NKN Price Prediction


How Much NKN Worth in 2030?

NKN hit new all time hight in 2021 and we could expect in 2030, NKN may reach $30 USD.

Is NKN a Good Investment?

NKN is one of oldest project of blockchain with great experience and innovating team, who working to adopt future technology to support new developer and investor. no doubt NKN demand on the peak that will help to set new record.


NKN has been pillar of decentralized application building and innovation, as it was developed in early successor stage of Blockchain and till now they evolved to being up to date, so in future we could see NKN gaining number of users for investment as well as creating new innovation using network. NKN back in 2018 won different awards that from founder friendly labs summer program 2018 and also one of the finalists for the bell labs open innovation challenge. As of now, NKN launched newest version of mainnet and some foundational dApps already launched on platform. D-chat is one of the most popular application built on NKN network.

NKN Rating