Orbs Coin Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is Orbs?

Orbs it open and permission-less public blockchain infrastructure that allow consumers brands to create their own decentralized apps. Orbs in industry can be terms as IaaS i.e. Infrastructure as a service as project also includes full blockchain stacks that is created from scratch by the Orbs team member. The project publicly available on Github via active source code and that codebase give end to end experience to the developer to create new Blockchain apps.

The network uses Helix Protocol i.e. scalable and Byzantine Fault-tolerant consensus protocol which is relies on RPoS (Randomized Proof of Stake). However, this protocol ensures verifiable randomness that where delegator node will be random selected to obtained scalability and fairness in the ecosystem.

Basically, Orbs is Blockchain stack to provide better developer experience in which they offer smart contract SDK with multi-language support, local development server, Client SDK, Consensus algorithm, implementation ode nodes. however, project not only offer ease of creation of dApps but with Cross-chain interoperability it also helps to boost token migration between two blockchain, in which developer can use base layer token ecosystem. Orbs smart contract also allows app running directly on Ethereum to gained its leverage power without leaving current platform.

Orbs Price Prediction

Month & YearORBS Price Prediction
September 2020$0.0182
October 2020$0.0186
November 2020$0.0180
December 2020$0.0179
January 2021$0.0198
February 2021$0.0199
March 2021$0.0194
April 2021$0.0213
May 2021$0.0246
June 2021$0.0290
July 2021$0.0265
August 2021$0.0251
September 2021$0.0303
October 2021$0.0283
November 2021$0.0331
December 2021$0.0371
January 2022$0.0354
February 2022$0.0368
March 2022$0.0404
April 2022$0.0392
May 2022$0.0408
June 2022$0.0418
July 2022$0.0402
August 2022$0.0414
September 2022$0.0444
October 2022$0.0477
November 2022$0.0482
December 2022$0.0498
January 2025$0.0662
April 2025$0.0714
July 2025$0.0678
October 2025$0.0751
Decemeber 2025$0.0820
January 2030$0.1061
April 2030$0.1115
July 2030$0.1101
October 2030$0.1165
December 2030$0.1212

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Orbs Price Analysis

Since beginning of July month, the average daily market cap volume is around $5 million USD and that helping to jump higher in raking on the market. after the indexing on CMC in April 2019 with average price $0.050 USD it started following bearish trend with maintaining fluctuation, as since October 2019 it started following neutral trend with average price of $0.010 USD. In 2020, Orbs still having moderate performance, where it started hiking since 18th march 2020, where price changed from $0.0084 USD to $0.018 USD with 114% surged.

Orbs Price Predction

Orbs Overview

Project nameOrbs
Ticker SymbolORBS
Total Supply10,000,000,000
Official websiteOrbs.com
Based onEthereum Blockchain
Launched year2018
All-time high$0.053365 USD
Exchange PlatformBithumb, Upbit, OKEx, Bittex, Bilaxy, VCC Exchange, Probit Exchange, Coinone, IDEX, Hotbit, Bitsonic, Huobi Korea, Litebit.eu
WalletTETRA Wallet.

Orbs ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$118,000,000 USD
Date of ICOMay 2018
ICO Price$ 0.10000 USD
PartnersYes24, Celsius Network, Tenta, Wings, 21MCapital, chainvalid8, STRATX, B-SEED Partners, Pradigm Citadel, The Yozma Group, PH Capital, GBBC, World Economic Forum, Chains partner, Terra.


Can Orbs Coin Reach $1 USD?

Yes, most probably in 2035.

How Much Orbs Worth in 2030?

Expected to cross $0.10 USD mark.

Is Orbs a Good Investment?

No, there are more ratifiable coin available to invest.


The platform offers solution for enterprises and developers to create seamless blockchains apps and allowing them to run of Ethereum Blockchain. in 2020, most of dApps based project gaining huge market cap volume which clearly hinting the rise of dApps deployment and also in future it will keep rising. Orbs is focusing on scalability and randomness while choosing node in the community, so ecosystem maintain security while focusing on obtaining higher transaction rate and lowering the transaction fees. however, ORBS token mainly used as settlement fees and also provide incentives used to select validator on the network.

Orbs Rating