Persistence (XPRT) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is Persistence?

Persistence blockchain project that aiming to solve traditional financial problem like zero interest rate, no capital and poor finance infrastructure. Persistence Protocol accelerate next generation and upcoming financial product on blockchain ecosystem. Project wanted to build bridge with financial product to provider services to users and institute. Persistence will smoothen cross border exchange by increasing speed and efficiency of value exchanges.

Persistence in order to complete mission will be leveraging top blockchain feature including tokenization, DEX, Debt Marketplace and movement of capital. in this feature persistence will enable trustless, borderless and instant transaction of real-world assets with multiple trade options. Under Asset tokenization project will be using NFT technology by tokenizing real asset like bills, invoices, letter of credit. Once this asset converts into digital worlds it can be used as collateral for borrowing and lending in finance.

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Persistence with solution will act as interoperable middleware that serves environment for development and operation of dApps. Persistence will be having three main product that include chain, SDK and dApps. however, persistence chains will be hosting open finance decentralized apps and also it will perform matching of lenders and borrower’s order. Persistence SDK that can be integrated with existing application and also adopt new combination as per trends. Persistence dApps main focus will be matching demand and supply requested by capital which are hosted on app specific persistence chain.

Persistence Price Prediction

Month & YearXPRT Price Prediction
July 2021$16.4785
August 2021$30.5889
September 2021$34.5359
October 2021$37.1014
November 2021$42.4298
December 2021$57.0335
January 2022$61.4738
February 2022$93.7402
March 2022$110.5148
April 2022$129.2628
May 2022$120.3821
June 2022$149.9843
July 2022$160.8384
August 2022$179.5865
September 2022$143.0771
October 2022$170.7058
November 2022$202.2815
December 2022$180.5732
April 2023$192.4141
August 2023$217.0826
January 2025$445.0193
March 2025$406.5364
May 2025$436.1386
July 2025$385.8149
September 2025$446.9927
October 2025$461.7938
Decemeber 2025$485.4756
January 2030$860.4364
March 2030$911.7468
May 2030$990.6859
July 2030$1,028.1820
September 2030$949.2429
December 2030$1,060.7444

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Persistence Overview

Project namePersistence
Ticker SymbolXPRT
Total Supply403,308,352
Official websitePersistence.once
Based onDeFi & dApps
Launched year2020
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformBitMax

XPRT ICO Overview

Platform usedBitmart
Raised by$450,000 USD
Date of ICO31st March 2021
ICO Price$0.45 USD
PartnersAlameda Research, Terra, Interchain

XPRT Price Prediction

XPRT is native token that consistently provide security to the Persistence ecosystem. in the primary use case XPRT is nothing governance token that allow user to part in voting system with DAO model to decide future development and changes. Token holder can stake XPRT token to stabilize system for that they can earn passive income also. XPRT termed as work token that allow will allow user or token holder to create cashflows in correlation with transaction volume earned by dApps.

XPRT Public sale will carried out on BitMax currently known as AscendEX on 31st march 2021. In order to obtained XPRT investor need to take part in auction, as for BTMX token holder can directly participate in capped auction. However, uncapped auction for user who do not hold BMTX token for 7 days. XPRT token sale is one of most talked public sales as more than 50k+ already joined official persistence social media group. after official announcement BTMX price started surging and in that XPRT Sale is one of the reasons. Now talking about price XPRT possibly list with opening price $3 USD and expect to cross $10 USD mark within 1 month

Persistence Price Prediction


Does Persistence have a Future?

definitely yes, Project that could fix existing DeFi problem.

Is Persistence a Safe Investment?

yes, Persistence for long time HODL will be more profitable, if miss buying XPRT at AscendEX auction then buying after listing will be great option. But we still suggest do your own research before investing.


Persistence vision that has power to change different fundamental in value exchange and change traditional finance. The project will connect traditional finance with current trend DeFi for providing solution to individual and existing application. along with DeFi project also eying on creation of non-fungible token, NFT marketplace infrastructure, liquid staking and Debt financing app. However, roadmap has great product to line-up and with current product in hand definitely Persistence will definitely secure position in top 100 crypto project.

Persistence Rating